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Genyva debuts ‘No Sabes Nada Del Amor’ official video

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2009 Tejano Music Awards Best New Female nominee Genyva released the official video for her comeback single “No Sabes Nada del Amor” on Friday.

The beautiful visual with an amazing message was produced and written by Genyva and directed by  Ryan Bazan. 

“I wanted to show freedom of expression in the video and love who you want to love,” the singer told Tejano Nation.

The video includes three scenarios, a love that is disrupted by peer pressure, a gay relationship and an abusive relationship.

Speaking on the scene about the abusive relationship, Genyva said she wanted to bring awareness and talk about her own experience.

“I was in an abusive relationship in high school and it took me time to talk about it,” she told TejanoNation. “I wanted to bring awareness to parents and victims that there is help and you don’t have to be in that type of relationship.”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and persons that need help can contact the National Network to End Domestic Violence at 1-800-799-7233 or online at

“No Sabes Nada del Amor” was produced by Salvador Chavez (Chava) and written by Peruvian singer-songwriter Nicole Pillman and Santiago Leon.  The single is available for download from your favorite online retailer.

Genyva decided to make a comeback, after battling cancer and injuries suffered in a car accident during the past five years away from music.

Genyva is available for bookings by contacting Mayra Dee of Del Cielo Entertainment at 956-905-4088.

WATCH: “No Sabes Nada del Amor” by Genyva

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