Los A-T Boyz accordionist Paquito Rodriguez fighting rare form of cancer

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Paquito GoFundMe Page
Paquito GoFundMe Page

A GoFundMe page as been set up for Los A-T Boyz (Alma Tejana) accordionist Frank “Paquito” Rodriguez as he fights a rare form of cancer.

The musician has been fighting a rare cancer in adults called neuroblastoma.  It’s a children’s cancer and 1 in 10 million adults will get this disease.  This is a nerve cancer that attacks the organs, spinal cord, nerves and bone marrow.

“Since the cancer attacks your nerves, he’s endured so much pain and has lost his right kidney and has nerve damage in his back and stomach from the surgery,” the Rodriguez family wrote on the GoFundMe page. ” He went thru numerous months of 24 hour chemo, surgery, radiation & oral chemo.”

This is his third occurrence for Rodriquez and is now in Stage 4.

“He’s been thru 4 rounds of chemo recently, and we just found out it’s not helping, so he’s undergoing an MIBG nuclear radiation procedure and a stem cell transplant,” the Rodriguez family added. “The doctors are also considering clinical trial drugs.”

The MIBG procedure is radiation thru IV and the patient is in complete isolation and bed ridden for up to two weeks.

“Over the years, Paquito, has donated his time & talent for hundreds of benefits for people and children in need, so we hope everyone will remember him now, during his time of need!”

The GoFundMe page has been set up to help Rodriguez with medical needs and has a goal of $10,000.  The page has raised over $1200 in three days.  If you’d like to donate, you can do so at GoFundMe/Paquito.

“We’re not only asking for donations for medical expenses, but to please put him in your thoughts and prayers! He’s endured so much, but he has a strong will, as he continues his fight! Please join us thru his journey & fight to beat this horrible disease!”

Tejano Nation sends our thoughts and prayers to Paquito and the Rodriguez family in their time of need.


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