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Devin Banda Releases New Single “Si Pudiera Regresar”

By Piper LeMoine Contributor
By Piper LeMoine

Devin Banda has just released a brand new single titled “Si Pudiera Regresar.” The follow-up to her successful debut single “Yo Te Dije” will also be included on her first full-length album to be released later this year.

“Si Pudiera Regresar” is a smooth, classic-sounding Tejano cumbia very much in the Selena tradition, with Devin’s bright, sweet voice front and center. Penned especially for Devin by Saraly Obregon of the Monterrey, Mexico-based Tejano group, Saraly y La Promesa, the single also features special guest Viktor Pacheko of Tejano powerhouse La Mafia on guitar and is Devin’s second collaboration Grammy Award winner Mario Ortiz, who also produced “Yo Te Dije.”

Devin’s mother/manager Yoli Romo says, “We thank all the internet radio stations, as well as all of the terrestrial radio stations, for playing Devin’s music. We hope this follow-up single is as welcomed as ‘Yo Te Dije,’ which is being played all over the United States and beyond. We thank all of our friends and family, as well as all the DJ’s, promoters, marketers and Tejano music-loving fans, for the continued support.”

“Si Pudiera Regresar” is dedicated to Devin’s late grandfather, Matias Tobias, who passed away in July 2015. A music lover himself, Devin says he continues to inspire her even after his passing.

To learn more about Devin, follow her on Facebook.

Listen to “Si Pudiera Regresar” by Devin Banda

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