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KXTN to webcast VMB Music Showcase tonight (August 19)

By ROMEO@RomeoOnAirPosts | Bio
Posts | Bio

kxtn_webcastSan Antonio’s Tejano & Proud radio station KXTN 107.5 will webcast a VMB Music Showcase featuring Ram Herrera, Jaime De Anda, David Farias, and Chente Barrera tonight (August 19) at 7:00 p.m. CT.

The live one-hour webcast will be broadcast from Univision studios in San Antonio, Texas and hosted by KXTN morning personality Jonny Ramirez.

Not many details have been given about the performance, but with these four Tejano superstars together expect an unforgettable webcast that you won’t want to miss!

1 comment on “KXTN to webcast VMB Music Showcase tonight (August 19)

  1. fidel & irene

    we will tune it in,,,,,,MY Previous question was does any one know when THE LEGENDS; FREDDIE MARTINEZ,
    SUNNY O.,JOE BRAVO, AUGUSTINE, are, I Heard Supposed to tour starting Aug.29th, ,,,I don’t know why FREDDIE is SLOW POSTING THIS


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