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[8/21] Preview: Cañonazo CD Release Party at Toro Negro Lounge

By Piper LeMoine Contributor
By Piper LeMoine

(AustinVida) – Tonight at Toro Negro Lounge, Cañonazo celebrates the release of their brand-new self-titled CD. Copies of the new album will be on hand, plus some special guests, and plenty of surprises at the south side club.

Cañonazo has been a frequent guest at Toro Negro over the past year or so, and has built a following among Austin Tejano fans. For good reason, too. This latest incarnation of Cañonazo, founded by veteran Tejano musician Steve (Rat) Silvas, not only has a strong, traditionally Tejano flavor with a danceable beat, it features the fantastic voices of Robby Garza and Erika Santana. Rat provides some of the best keyboards in the business, along with guitar courtesy of longtime Austin favorite and former Latin Breed frontman Gilbert Alba, while drummer Jazz Garcia and bassist Roy Q keep the rhythm section nice and tight.

Although I haven’t heard the CD yet, I have no doubt it will live up to their live performances and fan expectation. Word has it that Tejano producer extraordinaire Gilbert Velasquez and the legendary Little Joe (with whom Rat spent many years in La Familia) both contributed to its production, as well. For those unfamiliar, check out the video below for a preview of the big, smooth, classic-sounding voice of Robby Garza, backed by Cañonazo.

Long story short: This is a great group with a lot of charisma, a perfect mix of experienced veterans and super-talented rising stars. The atmosphere will be fun, festive, and friendly. Be sure to grab a CD!

El Toro Negro is located at 615 West Slaughter Lane, at the southwest corner of Slaughter and South 1st. Show starts at 9:30 p.m., 21+ welcome. $5 cover. For more information, call 512-632-9949.

I manage all things technical, administrative, and creative at Austin's own Rancho Alegre, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Conjunto music. Our projects include digitizing recordings, interviewing legendary and up-and-coming artists, maintaining and constructing a historical record of Tejano and Conjunto music, connecting artists with professional and business services, and presenting the annual Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival and various events throughout the year. I am a Professional Member of the Recording Academy.

1 comment on “[8/21] Preview: Cañonazo CD Release Party at Toro Negro Lounge

  1. Margarita De La Cruz

    Cañonazo music is totally AWESOME. Their CD ROCKS. Both Robby and Erica sing FABULOUSLY FANTASTIC. I bought 10 CDs at their performance in Las Vegas and their Tejano Music is to die for! Thank you for the WONDERFUL write-up about this new group.


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