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Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave release debut video ‘Tu Calor’

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Tejano newcomers Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave released their debut video for the new single “Tu Calor” on Friday.

The concert style video was filmed at Cinema Lounge in Waco with fans of the band and even featured a cameo of Rewind Party Band, Daniels’ other music project.  The visual was produced by Michael Angelo Flores from Migrant Film Makers. “Tu Calor” was written by Daniels with musical arrangements and production by Sotero Sineceros.

Daniels has been compared to Tejano legend Bobby “El Charro Negro” Butler, Dee Burleson or even Country artist Darius Rucker, but most believe he will bring a refreshing twist to the genre because of his wide range of influences from artists such as Prince to Dwight Yoakam.

What does Daniels say about the comparisons?

“That’s not what I’m trying to do, these are great artists, I look up to them and thanks for the compliment.”

Daniels is the former lead vocalist of Grupo Ziztema of Belton, Texas.  He has also performed at the
Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair, opened for Ruben Ramos and shared the stage with Los A-T Boyz and Tejano’s legendary Jessy Serrata.

WATCH: The TejanoNation World Premiere of “Tu Calor” from Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave

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