J. Taglé: J’s Question of the Day? (Episode 2) [VIDEO]

By J Tagle  Contributor Twitter | Facebook
By J Taglé
Twitter | Facebook

What’s good mi Raza? It’s J. Taglé and I’m back with another J’s Question of the Day.

Today’s question is: Where do you see the Tejano music industry in about 10 years? I wanna know, so comment below and let me know.

Today’s featured artist is the man, Marcus Daniels, this dude is coming out with some hot tracks.  Take a listen Raza and you will not be disappointed.

RELATED: Marcus Daniels Y Algo Suave release debut video ‘Tu Calor’

Remember, the first part of the word question is the word “quest” and we on a quest for knowledge, the more we know, the more we grow.

WATCH: J’s Question of the Day (Episode 2)

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