Marcus Daniels releases Tejano Country track ‘My Tejana’ [AUDIO]

Tejano newcomer Marcus Daniels released the Gabriel Zavala-produced Tejano Country track “My Tejana” on Saturday.

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“Since the first time I heard Gabriel Zavala’s hit song ‘Luces’ I knew that I wanted to work with him,” Daniels told Tejano Nation. “I recognized immediately how he was bringing something fresh and with a twist. As far as blending different genres and making it work, Zavala was the perfect choice for that.”

The Waco singer reached out to the award-winning hitmaker to work together on the production of “My Tejana”, a song written by Daniels.

“Marcus and his team reached out to me a few months back to work on a couple songs,” Zavala told Tejano Nation. “Up until that point I had never heard of Marcus, so I began to study his Facebook page and YouTube videos. I was immediately drawn to his passion for the music. That’s why I chose to take the project on.”

“I actually reached out to him for work on a cumbia track, but just in conversation about the other songs I wanted on the CD I mentioned ‘My Tejana’,” Daniels said. “I actually believe he took my concept on as a challenge and knocked it out the park.”

Zavala was up to the challenge of creating a sound he had never done before this project.

“When he sent the demo for ‘My Tejana’ it was in very rough form. But polishing ideas and understanding the artist’s vision is what I do best! I was intrigued by the obvious Country perspective that he was coming from. He said that he was really into bands like Florida Georgia line, and so was I. So I jumped at the challenge of doing something I’d never done before. Like I said in other interviews, I’m a big Country music fan. So I got to work on it handling all the instrumentation. I even got to break out my mandolin on this one! The one thing that Marcus said he really wanted was Accordion so I was happy I got to dust off my accordion chops as well,” Zavala said.

The Tejano Country fusion track is definitely unique and sure to please Tejano and Country fans alike.

“I’m very happy with the way the song came out,” Zavala said. “Marcus delivered a solid vocal performance so it was easy for me to lay down the background vocals as well.”

“My Tejana” is available for download now at the Tejano Nation Amazon Music store, just click here.

“I can’t wait to finally share the final product with all our fans out there,” Zavala added.

LISTEN: “My Tejana” by Marcus Daniels

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