Kingz One (K1) Facebook post calls for Kumbia Kings reunion

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A recent Facebook post on the KingzOne (K1) Fan Love page called for all former Kumbia Kings members to come together and give the fans what they’ve been asking for, a Kumbia Kings reunion concert.

“After a recent K1 show, a video came to our attention from AB Quintanilla. In this video, AB spoke about the history of the Kumbia Kings. Despite the negativity, the members of K1 have nothing but love for Mr. Quintanilla and all generations of the Kumbia Kings,” the May 27 Facebook post said.

Los Kumbia Kings were a Latin Grammy-winning cumbia group from Corpus Christi, Texas, created by Quintanilla and Cruz Martinez.  The band infused hip hop & r&b into cumbias for four chart-topping albums, until the band split in 2006.

“The Kumbia Kings legacy was built with the original members of Frankie J, DJ Kane, AB, Cruz, Alex, Slim, Drew, Robbie, and Frankie Boy,” the post continued. “As a way to pay respect to our beginnings, we extend an invitation to the above artists to join us in a reunion show or shows.”

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The post went on to talk about Los Kumbia Kings building a legacy because of the fans and should give a reunion show or tour for the fans.

“Fans have been asking for this for a long time and denying them only causes them to lose out! It is time to put egos aside and come together for the fans, to thank them for helping us build the legacy that we all take pride in. This would be a special addition to our own separate projects which we hope the fans continue to enjoy. We also seek no money out of the show or shows. We simply believe that none of us-Alex, Slim, Drew, Frankie, DJ Kane, AB Quintanilla and Cruz Martinez-would be anywhere without the fans and it’s time to give them what they want! We invite our former bandmates to join us in this reunion, with special guests invitation to all generations of the Kumbia Kings! FOR THE FANS!!!!” 

This post has excited fans of Los Kumbia Kings who have been asking for the band to come back together for a reunion show for many years.

“By far that post was the best I have ever seen,” commented Kumbia Kings fan Kymberly Ann Martinez. “I have seen artist be so negative against one another and its really how u make ur fans feel! We appreciate and would very much enjoy a reunion of the kumbia kings…y’all where the bomb!!!!”

Last month, A.B. Quintanilla confirmed a Kumbia Allstarz reunion for Mexico tour dates in June.

The Kumbia King Allstarz will be joined by Chris Perez, Pee Wee and Ricky Rick during the band’s three shows in Mexico, including Guadalajara on June 26, Monterrey on June 27 and Mexico City on June 28.

TejanoNation reached out the KingzOne (K1) Fan Love page for comment and author of the post, but did not receive a return message.

Do you think a Kumbia Kings reunion is possible? Leave comments below to tell us what you think.

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