A.B. Quintanilla to produce songs for upcoming Ricky Valenz album

(RIcky Valenz Facebook photo)
(RIcky Valenz Facebook photo)

SAN ANTONIO – A.B. Quintanilla will produce some songs for an upcoming Ricky Valenz album, according to a photo posted on Valenz’s official Facebook page on Thursday.

“A.B. Quintanilla all the way in from Corpus today to produce some songs written by Ricky Vela for my upcoming next album, along side Gilbert Velasquez,” Valenz said.

The studio session comes just days after Valenz cleared up a misunderstanding about a viral video of Quintanilla at Tejano Explosion in San Antonio.

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“The road here has been long and not easy but we are all here mi gente. All this legendary talent in one room right now,” Valenz said.

“I’m definitely blessed to be soaking these moments all in, nothin’ but #‎GoodVibes‬ and#‎Magic happening here today. Cant wait to share this new music with you all!” Valenz added.

Tejano Nation can’t wait to hear the sounds that come out of this studio session.

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