K1’s Alex Ramirez confirms Facebook post calling for Kumbia Kings reunion


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One of the original Kumbia Kings members, Alex Ramirez of Kingz One (K1), confirms that he was the one that wrote the recent Facebook post calling for the original Kumbia Kings members to reunite for a concert or tour for the fans.

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Ramirez, who is currently on tour with K1 in the Midwest, sent TejanoNation a statement via a representative.

“What he (Alex) told me is that when he saw a video of AB Quintanilla negatively speaking about former Kumbia Kings, he realized that despite it, he (Alex) had nothing but love for all the Kumbia Kings. He wanted to reach out to the other Kings about this possible reunion because fans have been asking for it and they would be the ones to lose out if it doesn’t happen. He said that it is time to put ego aside and do it for the fans. He is hopeful the rest of the Kings step up also, but someone had to make the first move or else it wouldn’t happen.”

The Facebook video in question was posted by JRT Promotions President/CEO Juan Tovar on May 25, 2015. In the over two minute video A.B. Quintanilla rants about who are the original Kumbia Kings.

“There’s been all kinds of talk about who the original Kumbia Kings are, and all I got to say is, that this is the original Kumbia Kings right here (pointing to himself).  For all of you that are recording this, for the other groups, that got out of this group and decided to make their own groups, they need to get off of these nuts already, alright…and stop playing my songs that I wrote, that I produced and y’all play y’all’s own sh*t.  Cause, this is the only original Kumbia Kings right here (pointing to himself), it say’s A.B. Quintanilla and the Kumbia Kings.  Y’all put this on YouTube so the other groups can see this, that this is the only original Kumbia Kings right here (pointing to himself).  Those other guys, they didn’t record on the albums, they didn’t sing on the albums, they didn’t do sh*t on the albums, nothing.  So, you can cancel all that sh*t already, this is the original Kumbia Kings right here….I wrote “Fuiste Mala”, “Azucita”, all the Kumbia Kings Allstarz, all the Kumbia hits, they came from my heart for you guys.  So, please don’t get mislead by other groups that say, “We’re the original Kumbia Kings”, because they’re not.  They need to get off these nuts already, that’s what I say. Get off these nuts.”

Los Kumbia Kings were a Latin Grammy-winning cumbia group from Corpus Christi, Texas, created by Quintanilla and Cruz Martinez.  The band infused hip hop & r&b into cumbias for four chart-topping albums, until the band split in 2006.  The original Kumbia Kings lineup included Quintanilla (bass, background vocals), DJ Kane (born Jason Cano; vocals), Frankie J (born Francisco Javier Bautista; vocals), Baby Drew (born Andrew Maes; vocals), Martinez (keyboards), Alex Ramirez (keyboards), Roy “Slim” Ramirez (percussion, background vocals), Frankie Aranda (percussion), Jorge Peña (percussion), Jesse Martinez (drums), and Robert del Moral (drums).

What do you think? Should the original Kumbia Kings members get together for a reunion concert or tour? Leave your comment in the section below.

WATCH: A.B. Quintanilla Rants About Original Kumbia Kings

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