Proyecto Insomnio returns with new band members and evolving fusion of sound with three diverse albums

The Latin Grammy-nominated band plans to release three albums this year

Proyecto Insomnio | Courtesy photo

Proyecto Insomnio, the Latin Grammy-nominated band returns in full force after a long wait and many changes to its lineup through the COVID-19 phase that lasted for them all from 2020 to now. During that time the band lost two bass players and an accordion player.


One of the singers from the original lineup remained, Arnoldo Hirales (Main Singer/Composer), along with Sebastian Ayub (Drummer), and Mike Armenta (Guitar Player), and added to its lineup Alexzander Payán (Accordion) and Jose I Carballo (Bass/ Videographer). They are still looking for a female singer to add to the lineup but that will be in the near future. 

The band has continued their recording process that began in 2021 and is releasing an album on May 25, 2023. This album will have the original accordionist (Adrian Martinez) and the second bass player (Enrique Rodriguez). The album was recorded in July-August of 2021.

“It’s by far one of the best material we have produced so far,” said Mike Armenta, producer of the album and Proyecto Insomnio. “We are so confident that it’s going to turn some heads.” 

Armenta added, “The album was conceived in the middle of the pandemic, we were in one of the worse moments since the band was created. We lost pretty much all of the original members that couldn’t wait for this pandemic to be over, and they moved into other directions, some of them got completely new jobs outside the music others went to play for other artists as back staged musicians, etc.  Some of us lost family members to Covid and pretty much the future was uncertain and that took a big toll on the band.”

Songwriter Arnoldo Hirales Romero was inspired by all these events and created great lyrics that a lot of people will identify with and wrote a beautiful song about the people who helped most in the pandemic, the medical personnel.

In all, Proyecto Insomnio recorded three albums together, with the first scheduled for release later this month and little by little one single at a time or once every three weeks.

The band is known for “Tejano Rock Alternative,” a mix of Tejano base and rocking guitars with pronounced modern synth sounds with accordion and bajo quinto. It’s a very unique combination of rhythms and genres combining Tejano with Bachata, Reggae, Heavy Rock with rocking guitar solos in a tasteful manner that brings the best of all those genres in one song or album, without sacrificing the Tejano/Norteño sound, although it’s not Tejano Clásico by any means, is well within its limits and sound.

Three Diverse Albums

The first installment of their three albums is all about Proyecto Insomnio’s original sound and their music proposal to the Tejano community. They are actually risking themselves in pushing the envelope of this new “sound” the band is proposing. Let’s think about “modernizing” the Tejano sound getting it more up to the new sounds of 2023 by making that combination, or fusion if you will, with other genres like Reggaeton and Heavy Rock and/or Bachata among other genres like Trap or salsa, or the new sound of the corridos tumbados with tuba fused with Tejano/Norteño definitely interesting sounds and new ways to enjoy that kind of music genre without sacrificing the Tejano sound entirety.  

The second album is all about classic cumbia Tejana danceable music, it’s all about the party! If fuses multiple genres, however in this installment Proyecto Insomnio are keeping it very close to home. Pretty much all of them are cumbias but with reggaeton and Monterrey grupero sounds definitely just for dancing! Everybody it’s going to love this! 

The third album is the release of the first album of nine, yes.. this one is all covers of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s in Tejano/Cumbia/Rock this one is definitely going to be loved by a lot of people because it is all the best of the Spanish rock of that era but Proyecto Insomnio style. You can check what we mean by listening to our first sneak peek of Miguel Mateo’s “Es Tan Fácil Romper Un Corazón,” released in our second album, “Me Traicionaste,” in May 2020.

Proyecto Insomnio — “Es Tan Facil Un Corazon”
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Proyecto Insomnio plans to release a new single,“Mi Chata,” and more details of the new album including its title on May 25. Follow Proyecto Insomnio on Facebook and Instagram or visit their official website for music and videos a and information for bookings. 

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