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12-year-old Allie debuts Tejano single ‘Mi Fascinacion’

The young singer is another amazing talent mentored by Tejano icon Shelly Lares

Courtesy of Shellshock Records 3

Shell Shock Records 3, the record label owned by Tejano icon Shelly Lares, presents 12-year-old singing sensation Allie with her debut Tejano single “Mi Fascinacion,” released today (May 5).


“Mi Fascinacion” was written and composed by Lares with lyrics written by Jose Rosario.

Allie, from Conroe Texas, was raised in a musical family and showed interest in music at an early age. She enjoys singing Tejano, Country, R&B, and Regional Mexican. 

“It’s so exciting for me to be in the music scene and it’s hard to believe that I am living my dream at such a young age,” Allie tells Tejano Nation. “I grew up listening to Tejano music and now to be creating it is really awesome. I hope to inspire the children my age to listen to Tejano music!”

Allie’s debut single, “I Am A Child (Don’t Put It All On Me),” was a song to honor Robb Elementary students and the Uvalde community, released last year with Shell Shock Records 3 and produced by Lares, co-written by “Little Miss Dynamite” and Grammy winner Rebecca Valadez.

“I was shocked when my mom said Shelly Lares reached out to her about possibly recording a song,” Allie said excitedly. “I was super nervous because, hello, it’s Shelly Lares, and she wants me to record a song? I felt honored to have been recognized by her. She is a very kind-hearted person. She’s been a great mentor. It’s not always about music. She gives great advice and she’s become family now.”

Allie added, “My new single is an achievement for me! It’s a reassurance that I am capable of big things! To be able to record a song in Spanish makes me super proud of my culture.”

“I knew I wanted to create something specifically for her,” said Lares. “For being 12, she sings very close to perfect intonation which is huge for me as a producer.  I wanted something along the lines of what I know she likes. I was in the studio and knocked out two songs for her and let her choose. She chose ‘Mi Fascinacion’, about a crush, puppy love, if you will.”

Lares retired from touring last year to concentrate on producing, songwriting, and mentoring the next generation of young talent with her LMD Productions and her own record label.

“I am loving the opportunity to record and produce VERY young talent,” added Lares. “Allie’s voice just gets better and better and I love the fact that she’s such a pro and perfectionist.  She’s all about vocal GROWTH and this kid can sing ANYTHING! Hopefully, I can continue to write and produce music for her.”

“Mi Fascinacion” from Allie is available to stream and download on all digital music platforms.

Allie — “Mi Fascinacion”
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