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Pio Treviño continues to update classic hits with modern sound for ‘Majic Mix Part 2’ medley

Tejano legend updates three classic songs for medley from latest album 'El Presente Y El Pasado'

Pio Treviño and his well-known band Majic continue to share updated classic hits with medleys from the new album El Presente Y El Pasado with the release of “Majic Mix Part 2.”


The latest medley from the album features legendary hits “Perdona La Molestia,” “Ven,” and “Te Quiero Mucho,” modernized with today’s unique sound.

“They’re not remixed, they’re re-recorded,” Treviño tells Tejano Nation. “It’s a different band, it’s a different everything, but the same songs, and some of them we added accordion to make it sound modern, like nowadays. You know, it’s working really good for us.”

One of the most iconic and charismatic artists in Tejano music, Treviño is sure to continue adding to his lengthy and colossal fanbase that has grown since 1981.

“I’m a person that comes from a rancho, I never thought that I was going to record one song and now I’ve got 26 CDs and albums recorded with Majic, my band,” said Trevino. “It’s something that I never expected to do but with the help of my family, my wife, and my God above, thank you for giving me the voice and the ability to do it.”

The medley of updated hits is from his latest album, El Presente Y El Pasado, which contains 12 tracks including nine of Treviño’s biggest hits and three original songs. The album is now available on all major digital platforms and at your favorite music outlet.

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