Jay Perez reveals cover art and release date for much-anticipated album ‘El Patron’

'The Voice' will release his 'best album in 30 years' on April 28

Courtesy of Freddie Records

Tejano superstar Jay Perez revealed the cover art and release date for his much-anticipated new album El Patron. The disc will arrive on digital music platforms and music outlets on Friday, April 28, 2023.


“We’re very excited about this fantastic album,” said Perez in a video shared on social media. “A lot of hard work went in — behind the scenes — and everything, man. I’m very proud of my guys.”

This is the first album release since veteran musician Jonathan McGraw took over as musical director for Jay Perez and The Band in January 2022.

“What makes this band, my current band, so unique is that they bring something to the table that I haven’t had in a long time,” said Perez.

“The Voice” mentioned last year in a video posted to his YouTube channel, that this will be his best album in three decades since the release of his debut solo album. “This album means everything to me because it is by far, and everything that I’ve heard so far, it took me back to 1993 when I recorded the Te Llevo En Mi album,” he said. “This by far is my best album in 30 years, that I promise you.”

El Patron has already produced two hits, “Necesito Odiarte” and “La Rajita de Canela.” Perez hopes this album will receive the same success as his previous album, El Maestro, released in 2021, which reached the top of the iTunes Latin Albums Chart less than 24 hours after its release and garnered three Tejano Music Awards last year including Album of the Year, Song of the Year with “Eres” and Male Vocalist of the Year for Perez.

El Patron is due out Friday, April 28, 2023, from Freddie Records on all digital music platforms and outlets. A limited number of autographed CDs are available for pre-order at

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