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Davi delivers mariachi-influenced breakup song ‘Viviré Sin Ti’

The Rio Grande Valley singer released the latest track from upcoming sophomore album

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Rio Grande Valley singer Davi delivers a mariachi-infused breakup song for his latest single, “Viviré Sin Ti.” The track is from his forthcoming album, Desmadre, due out this summer.


Davi (David Castaneda Jr) is an independent Mexican-American singer and songwriter from Mercedes, Texas. The former frontman of Grupo Llueve, Davi’s vocals were featured on “El Perdon” and “Como Te Amo,” released in 2015. The singer parted ways with the group in 2016 to pursue a solo career. Not long after, he received an amazing opportunity to work with Latin Grammy-winning producer Alex “Ace 1” Espinoza on his solo debut album.

The EP, Nada Te Faltara, released in 2020 features a mixture and mash-up of pop, acoustic, and cumbia sounds. The album was written by Davi and his cousin, Benancio Gonzalez, and featured music videos filmed in various locations of Cartagena, Colombia, and Medellin, Colombia in collaboration with CYA Films.

“I wanted to give listeners a real sense of who we were and what we went through,” said Davi. “Each song is a real-life experience and we really wanted to connect those experiences that have happened to all of us; love, heartache, divorce, you name it we lived it.”

Now Davi has released his latest single, “Viviré Sin Ti.” This mariachi-influenced breakup track tells the story of when a person becomes tired of waiting for their love and decides it is time to walk away. It’s about the strength a person needs to let go because we cannot force any person to feel the same.

Davi — “Viviré Sin Ti” (Official Visualizer)
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The Desmadre album from Davi is scheduled for release this summer and will provide fans with a variety of music that will enhance their musical pallet. The songs will range from cumbia, pop, and reggaeton. The album is geared to unleash inner emotions and “feel good” vibes while staying true to the region.

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