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Lorena Gomez presents debut single ‘Nadie Para Mi’ produced by Jonathan Espinoza

The emerging artist from Laredo, Texas released her debut solo single

Lorena Gomez. If you have not heard of this new artist, be sure to remember her name. She just released her solo debut single, “Nadie para Mi”, produced by award-winning hitmaker Jonathan Espinoza.


“I found out about Lorena through Facebook,” Espinoza tells Tejano Nation. “Someone posted a video of her singing a Stefani Montiel cover and I instantly knew I wanted to work with her.”

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Gomez has been singing since she was three years old and grew up watching her mom sing and play the guitar, which led her toward a passion for music. While in middle and high school, she sharpened her vocals by joining a mariachi group, where she gained recognition as an all-state mariachi female vocalist. She continued to progress her musical experience through the Vidal M. Trevino School of Communications and Fine Arts (VMT) with the jazz group Soundtown. This group was recognized with opportunities to perform for various events in Texas, including her viral performance in a parade with their Selena Tribute.

“When I got the opportunity from Jonathan Espinoza to record his song, I could not deny it since I knew for sure this song was going to hit,” Gomez tells Tejano Nation. “It just had a different sound to it, and being able to add my vocals was exciting for me. This is my first single as a solo artist so it was a bit of a challenge for me and nerve-wracking since I’ve never done anything like this for myself, and it was honestly a big step for me that I feared to take, but I’m now just simply ready for what’s next.”

Next for the talented vocalist from Laredo, Texas, is to head back into the studio and make more music while giving the gente a new sound of Tejano music. Espinoza, who won Songwriter of the Year at Premios Tejano Mundial in 2022, shares that they are in talks to do more songs together and hopefully a full album soon.

“Nadie Para Mi” is under the MaxJamMusic brand and is available to download on all digital platforms. This single includes Lalo Morales on accordion, bajo sexto, and bass; Lalito Banda on drums and percussions; horns by Leon Mauricio and Carlos Alberto Garza; with mix and mastering by Candido Resendez.

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