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Jr Aldaco and The Midwest All-Stars continue chart success with original love song ‘Contigo Corazon’

The Michigan-based band maintains family legacy with three generations of musicians

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Jr Aldaco and The Midwest All-Stars continue their run of success on many radio airplay charts with their latest single “Contigo Corazon.” The love song is the latest release for the band from Lansing, Michigan.


The track, released in December, has placed on multiple countdown charts all over the world and getting a lot of radio spots in the state of Texas, Mexico, and many other states for the Midwest-based band, a feat that’s not easy to accomplish for a Tejano band outside of Texas.

“This single has been doing great for us,” says Carlos Aldaco, bandleader and drummer of The Midwest All-Stars. “It’s like every song we put out is like a story that’s being told. That’s something I’ve learned from my late uncle Ernie Aldaco who was also our songwriter. Every song has a story behind it.”

“Contigo Corazon” is a love song for that special someone written by Aldaco’s grandfather Juve Aldaco Sr.

“My grandfather, father, and uncles inspired me to do music,” said Carlos. “I can remember many many years and years ago watching them practice as a kid maybe 5 or 6 years old and telling myself one day I want to do what they’re doing at the age of 8 is when I got the opportunity to play the drums. I was taught by my father who played drums also and never looked back. It’s been a blessing to be able to carry the family tradition and legacy keeping the music going being the third generation.”

Jr Aldaco & The Midwest All-Stars has featured many generations with Juve Aldaco Sr to Ernie Aldaco, who have written the many other hits songs recorded by the group, with Daniel Aldaco as music director, producer, arranger and mixing and mastering all of the music at AldacoDa Studios.

The band features Carlos Aldaco as drummer and bandleader, lead vocalist Jr Aldaco, keyboardist and vocalist Daniel Aldaco, bassist Dan Talamantez, guitarist Steve Flugencio, and accordionist Spikey Munoz.

“They give 110% each weekend and show so much dedication, and commitment, every step of the way from rehearsals, studio time, and shows,” said Carlos. 

Learn more about Jr Aldaco and The Midwest All-Stars on their official Facebook page and YouTube channel for any new music and upcoming events.

“Contigo Corazon” from Jr Aldaco and Midwest Allstars Music is available on all digital platforms.

Jr Aldaco and The Midwest All-Stars — “Contigo Corazon”
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