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Tejano Bluesman and Tejano Dee team for cover of Tejano classic ‘Para Que’

Joe Villanueva and Jerry Hernandez reimagine the classic 1995 hit from Joel Nava.

Courtesy of Villan Records

Joe Villanueva, known professionally as Tejano Bluesman, teams with Tejano newcomer, Jerry Hernandez, known as Tejano Dee, for a cover of Tejano classic “Para Que” and the debut single for Hernandez.


The track is from the highly-anticipated sophomore album from Villanueva. The Tejano Music Awards nominee for Best New Male Artist in 2022 plans to release Estilo Familia in the summer of 2023. 

Villanueva shared his thoughts on working with Hernandez with Tejano Nation. “It’s fun to know someone with such a strong voice and such a love of music. Can see his dream of just recording and hearing himself on the radio,” he said. “His excitement shows with his love for the music that he was brought up with as a kid from his mom and dad. He is very strong in familia (family). He has so much to learn as a recording artist but he sings it like a professional.”

Hernandez began singing on social media just for fun, then slowly gained attention by singing classic Tejano songs from artists such as Jay Perez, Ram Herrera, Joe Posada, Ruben Ramos, Grupo Mazz, and of course Little Joe, and others. He started posting TikTok videos of himself singing and from there, things continued to progress.

“I had some great opportunities getting up on the stage with some legendary bands. It was an honor, and very humbling to share the stage with artists that you admire, and grew up, listening to,” Hernandez tells Tejano Nation. “Tejano music has played a big role in my life since I was a kid. I remember when we used to have talent shows in school. I was always the first one to sign up and wanted to showcase my dancing skills and do the Raulito shuffle.”

Tejano music was always playing in the home where Hernandez was raised and he began singing around the house at a very young age as he grew into a young man.

“I would have family and friends tell me that I have a great voice,” said Hernandez. “My parents inspired me to do music. We always had Tejano music playing at the house 24/7. We would always talk about the different musicians, and how they became who they are today. I always told my family that one day I would like to be on the big stage singing for all the fans, and most importantly to continue carrying the flag to represent Onda Chicana.”

“Para Que” was originally recorded by Joel Nava in 1995 and brings back a lot of memories of growing up as a kid for Hernandez and Nava was one of the favorite artists of his parents.

“I wanted to pay homage to a living legend, and a great vocalist, which I became a big fan of at a very young age,” added Hernandez.

The reimagined version features new arrangements with the thumbprint of Tejano Bluesman and producer Ralph Garcia, a two-time Latin Grammy and Grammy Award nominee, and Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer.

“It’s going to be an amazing hit just like it was 28 years ago,” exclaimed Hernandez.

Tejano Bluesman — “Para Que” feat. Tejano Dee
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