Joe Lopez Y Grupo Mazz dominate at 4th annual Guadalupe Tejano Awards – Full winners list

The Guadalupe Awards have recognized the best in Tejano music each year since 2019.

After a two-week delay due to inclement weather, the 4th annual Guadalupe Awards handed out accolades to the best in Tejano music over the past year. Joe Lopez Y Grupo Mazz took home most of the awards at the event held in San Antonio on Saturday, December 3.


The awards, voted on by fans, were announced at B&N Sports Bar & Backyard and Lopez won Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year for Love From The Heart, and Tejano Group of the Year to Grupo Mazz, who also dominated the musicians’ awards with Guitar Player of Year (Juaquin Cura), Accordionist of the Year (Homero Esquivel), and Keyboardist of the Year (Brando Mireles).

Grupo Mazz at 4th annual Guadalupe Awards in San Antonio, Texas, on Dec. 3, 2022. | Photo: Thomas Vasquez / Tommy Gunz Event Photographer / Tejano Nation

Other notable winners include Elida Reyna as Female Vocalist of the Year, Marcos Orozco with Song of the Year for “Cada Dia Mas,” and New Group of the Year to Grupo Asalto.

The Guadalupe Awards have recognized the best in Tejano each year since 2019 including outstanding performers, songs, productions, and more categories. The event was created by veteran Tejano events promoter Andrew Belmarez and is dedicated to the life and heritage of his late mother Guadalupe M. Belmarez, who passed away in 2015.

List of nominees and winners for the 4th annual Guadalupe Awards:

Male Vocalist Of The Year

  • Jay Perez
  • Lucky Joe
  • Joe Lopez — WINNER!
  • Bobby Sanchez
  • Ram Herrera

Female Vocalist Of The Year

  • Laura Linda Cervera
  • Stefani Montiel
  • Madison Pulido
  • Elida Reyna — WINNER!
  • Genyva Salas

Album Of The Year

  • Joe Lopez Y Mazz — Love From The Heart — WINNER!
  • David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales — Solamente Tu
  • Marcos Orozco — Intimo
  • Jay Perez — El Maestro
  • Ram Herrera — Back On Track

Song Of The Year

  • Joe Lopez Y Mazz — “Igual Que Ayer”
  • David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales– “Solamente Tu”
  • Marcos Orozco — “Cada Dia Mas” — WINNER!
  • Jay Perez — “Eres”
  • Ram Herrera — “Te Traicione”

Tejano Group Of The Year

  • Los Palominos
  • Elida Reyna
  • Lucky Joe
  • Mazz — WINNER!
  • The Bobby Sanchez Band

New Band Of The Year

  • Texas Pachanga
  • Asalto — WINNER!
  • Roxxy Y Grupo Tejazz
  • Konjunto Kompaz
  • Tejano Bluesman

Guitar Player Of The Year

  • Joaquin Cura- Grupo Mazz — WINNER!
  • Danny Bazan- Tejano Highway 281
  • Steve Flugencio- Midwest All Stars
  • David Loya- WestSide Band
  • Paul Lopez- Texas Pachanga

Bajo Player Of The Year

  • Roel Joslin- Los Chamacos — WINNER!
  • Diego Lopez- Da Krazy Pimpz
  • Art Campos- Conjunto Cats
  • Oscar Nino- La Soledad
  • Epi Martinez & Friends

Bass Player Of The Year

  • Eddie Cordova- Mazz
  • Edward “Chato” Ordonez- Los Chamacos
  • Jay Alaniz- Tejano Highway 281 — WINNER!
  • James Jimenez- Da Krazy Pimpz
  • Junior Cantu- La Soledad

Keyboard Player Of The Year

  • Randy Gonzalez- David Farias Band
  • Brando Mireles — Mazz — WINNER!
  • Chris Rodriguez- Tejano Highway 281
  • Eric Avalos- Ram Herrera
  • Cris Perales- Iconiczz

Accordion Player Of The Year

  • Homero Esquivel- Mazz — WINNER!
  • Tristan Ramos
  • Ruben Naranjo III- Los Gamblers
  • Julian Gonzalez- La Fiebre
  • Eddie Jimenez- Da Krazy Pimpz

Drummer Of The Year

  • Jay Alexander- Mazz
  • Sonny Galindo- Da Krazy Pimpz
  • Gene Luna- La Fiebre
  • Jesus Bojorquez- Chicano Revolution Band
  • Ricky Landeros — Tejano Highway 281 WINNER!

Percussionist Of The Year

  • Lupe Martinez- Asalto
  • Alberto Gonzalez- Mazz — WINNER!
  • Henry Brun- Mazz
  • Leo Ramirez- Texas Pachanga
  • Chris Barrientos- Roxxy Y Grupo Tejazz

Horn Player Of The Year Trumpet/Saxophone/Trombone

  • Albert “Tiger” Diaz
  • Jesse Peralez- Magnifico 7 — WINNER!
  • Michelle Gutierrez- WestSide Band
  • Xavier “Bobby” Guerrero
  • Jimmy Isais- La Soledad

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