History-making Divamania indicates the future of Tejano is led by women

The free event showcased the recent surge of talented female vocalists in the historically male-dominated Tejano industry.

Demmi Garcia, Monica Saldivar, Magali Delarosa, Alize Nino, Karla Christina, Anjelique, Gabriella Martinez, and Savannah V performed at Divamania in Angleton, Texas on September 16, 2022. | Photo: Lisa Golden/Tejano Nation

ANGLETON, TX — The history-making Divamania concert in Angleton, Texas on September 16 was a successful showcase of some of Tejano music’s emerging female vocalists indicating the future of the genre will be dominated by women.


Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame concert promoter Jim Luna of Quartermoon Productions shared the vision of award-winning singer Sonja De La Paz to create this amazing event that was very much needed in Tejano music. De La Paz voiced her opinion via social media last year that many concerts didn’t include women and suggested an all-female concert. Luna agreed and got to work on such an event.

The concert was a labor of love for Luna, who produced the event as a public service to help the vocalists grow their fan base. Luna stated, “I have been in the industry for about 43 years and this is the first time that I have seen so many ladies with such great talent.”

The Tejano genre has been historically known as a male-dominated industry but a recent surge of female talent is changing that dynamic.

The successful Diva Mania concert featured performances from three recent Tejano Music Awards winners, including Best New Female Artist winners Monica Saldivar (2020) and Anjelique (2019), and Savannah V, who won Video of the Year in 2019. Magali Delarosa, Demmi Garcia, Karla Christina, Gabriella Martinez, and Alize Nino also performed. De La Paz missed the event due to recent surgery.

The ladies were backed by the “Million Dollar Band” under the musical direction of Mario Ortiz and JR Gomez, which did an outstanding job as each musician was just incredible. 

It is not often that the women of Tejano come together on one stage to perform at the same event. Standing there watching all of these talented ladies perform and watching everything come together was just incredible.

Jim Luna felt very blessed and thankful for everyone that came together to make this event happen. His ultimate goal was to help the woman of Tejano create a fan base and have the crowd enjoy an amazing experience.

The big question that everyone is curious about is will there be more events like this? Is there going to be another Diva Mania? Luna plans to do more of these events across the region.

This event was absolutely amazing watching all the beautiful and talented ladies on stage and sing their hearts out and watching not only the crowd excited but seeing all of the women uniting and supporting each other was just beautiful.

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