Auditions to Cast the New Menudo Band are Now Open on the HeartOut Authenticated Performance Recording App

Mario Lopez and Menudo Productions announced the start of the online auditions for 'A New Beginning,' the global talent search for a new Menudo.

MIAMI, FL — (PRNewswire) — Menudo Productions and Actor/TV Host Mario Lopez have partnered with, a groundbreaking online recording platform designed to verify the authenticity of “live” performances, for a global talent search to recreate the most successful Latin boy band of all time.


Prior to in-person auditions in five global cities, performers will record their audition via HeartOut (, which received a patent on its proprietary technology this past May to authenticate that auditions are unaltered and have not been edited or enhanced.

In casting a new generation of Menudo, the contest’s organizers expect thousands of auditions worldwide, seeking bilingual/bicultural boys 12-16 years old with strong vocal and dance abilities. HeartOut, the popular music tech app with over 60,000 auditions and 40,000 app downloads in over 75 countries was an ideal partnership because of the company’s mission to empower artists by promoting equality, fairness, and equity in the audition process.

“Working with HeartOut on the Menudo talent search has been a great experience. While its technology enables us to connect with talent around the world, HeartOut’s whole team has been 100% attentive and helpful. We look forward to working with HeartOut again and again in the future,” stated Angel Zamora of Menudo Productions, who oversees the project.

The HeartOut app allows performers to record and submit auditions as if they were live.
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HeartOut will be an essential thread running through the entire audition window. The app will exclusively host digital auditions for the first seven weeks, then will serve as a backup for those who missed the initial online window while in-person auditions take place starting September 17 in five cities: San Juan, New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Miami.

In this emerging era of deep fakes and other digital manipulation of video and audio, HeartOut is designed to provide certainty to organizations hosting auditions and contests. Its patented technology provides the only platform that guarantees that audition videos have been recorded within the same environment as a live performance while streamlining the process of how an organization records, stores, enrolls, and searches for talent. Free to download and easy to use, the digital platform offers secured optimized storage and direct data access, protected by the latest privacy standards.

Incentivizing entrants to complete the audition process, organizations that use the HeartOut platform have reported a rise in turnout rate from 70% to 98%. Its past and present users span universities, colleges, music competitions, talent shows, orchestras, symphonies, and other musical institutions. With its technology and global reach, HeartOut helps organizers by increasing access to diverse talent worldwide, while leveling the socioeconomic playing field for talent by making auditions accessible to those who could not afford to travel in the past.

“We are excited to commence auditions in partnership with Menudo Productions and Mario Lopez, leveraging HeartOut technology to democratize the audition process worldwide while safeguarding its veracity,” stated Ciro Fodere, founder and CEO of HeartOut.

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