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Rick Orozco teams with Flaco Jimenez for Tejano Country ballad

'A Man's Best Friend Is Time' was co-written by the duo after Orozco's father passed away.

Courtesy of Latin Twang Productions

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Legendary country music singer Conway Twitty once said, a good country song takes a page out of somebody’s life and puts it to music. These insightful words are the inspiration for Rick Orozco and Flaco Jimenez, who have turned Orozco’s painful experience with loss into an incredibly moving musical portrayal of family and grief.


The Tejano Country ballad is titled “A Man’s Best Friend Is Time” and the composition channels the mixed musical heritage of singer-songwriter Orozco and of legendary accordionist Jimenez. It is infused with the melancholy heartbreak of country music and the warm, passionate tones of traditional Spanish folk music.

The new single was co-written by the duo shortly after Orozco’s dearly beloved father passed away. As such, the cathartic song touches on enduring themes like family, love, and loss, and the songwriting pair hope that they will move you with their intimate, honest, and heart-wrenching story of grief.

To accompany this heartfelt lyrical journey, the two performers have crafted a slow and moody ballad that features Orozco’s quintessential evocative guitar work and Jimenez’s iconic accordion.

A spokesperson for Latin Twang Productions commented, “In ‘A Man’s Best Friend Is Time’, Flaco accompanies Rick on the accordion, and the two dance around each other, as they try to grab hold of as much time as their destiny allows in song. The arrangement and production is a beautiful country ballad with exquisite Spanish flavor. With this track, the Texas duo takes you on a beautiful journey down memory lane.”

Rick Orozco & Flaco Jimenez — “A Man’s Best Friend Is Time”
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Expect upcoming tracks from the duo, who have another single in the works in collaboration with Max Baca and Los Texmaniacs.

Rick Orozco is a popular San Antonio-based Latin American guitarist, singer, filmmaker, and author who has released two popular albums, I Got Life and This is my Country Album. His co-writer and fellow performer Flaco Jimenez is known across the United States and internationally for his work pioneering and playing Norteño, Tex Mex, and Tejano music. He has received several Lifetime Contribution Awards, including from the Grammy Awards and Billboard.

If you want to listen to the kind of track that will truly break your heart before tenderly rebuilding it again, you want the country Tejano fusion of Rick Orozco and Flaco Jimenez.

“A Man’s Best Friend Is Time” by Rick Orozco and Flaco Jimenez is available on all digital media platforms.

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