‘Por Siempre Selena’ television special will celebrate legacy of cultural icon

The TelevisaUnivision program will include musical tributes and stories of her life.

The legacy of bicultural icon Selena will be celebrated in an upcoming television special titled Por Siempre Selena on TelevisaUnivison, the network and the singer’s family announced today. The two-hour musical program will highlight stories from Selena’s life, as well as musical tributes from other performers 27 years after the singer’s death.


“A cultural icon today, Selena and our music has transcended time and inspired many generations across the globe. We are proud to continue to honor her legacy by partnering with Univision to produce Por Siempre Selena, a TV musical celebration that will pay tribute with an all-star lineup performing all her iconic hits,” the Quintanilla family shared in a statement to Rolling Stone.

Details of the program were shared in a statement from TelevisaUnivisio. “The special celebrates the legacy and popularity of the iconic Tejano star Selena, who captured the hearts of many worldwide. Filled with musical moments and stories of her life, ‘Por Siempre: Selena’ looks at her trajectory through the lens of those she inspired and those who were by her side. Her music transcended language, culture, and borders, while she remained true to herself. Today Selena’s music is streamed more than 235M times in 177 countries, proving that 30 years later, her legacy lives on, and she remains ‘La Reina del Tex-Mex.'”

Ahead of the Por Siempre Selena announcement, Selena’s father revealed that there were plans to release a posthumous album of previously unreleased songs by the “Queen of Cumbia” later this year through Warner Music Latina. “What’s unique about it is that not only is the music completely new arrangements, but my son worked on Selena’s voice with the computers and if you listen to her, she sounds on this recording like she did right before she passed away,” Abraham Quintanilla told Latin Groove News on Facebook Live in March.

While Por Siempre Selena has yet to have an official air date, fans can expect additional information coming from TelevisaUnivison soon.

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