Eric Lee presents a virtual experience with ‘Wasabi’ visual from ‘Toda La Noche’ EP

The San Antonio performer released a visualization concept for 'Wasabi,' a song from his solo debut EP.

Eric Lee is the next generation of Tejano and the performer is turning his solo debut EP, Toda La Noche, into a virtual experience with visualizations of his songs and released the first imagery with “Wasabi” today (May 17).


“Wasabi” is the first visual released and the vertical-style video features the singer in back motorcycle gear complete with a helmet that has cat-like ears on top. It’s just the first video in a series planned to be released each week.

“It’s just to kind of familiarize who I am with the music,” Eric Lee tells Tejano Nation. “Show my style, show the jewelry I wear, kind of like what the vibe is for what it’s going to look like when you go see an Eric Lee concert sort of thing.”

The virtual showcase was all filmed via phone and the visual is aimed at the younger generation of Tejanos ushering more creativity in the industry and culture via mobile devices.

“The point of the whole thing about it was just to be a little bit more futuristic, it’s very unique,” he said. “It’s just to kind of put my face on people’s phones. That’s literally what it’s for.”

The series of visualizations were conceptualized, edited, and co-directed by Eric Lee with the styling, co-directing, lighting, and camera help from Austin Alegria and Christopher Collins.

“Working with them has been the icing on the cake to this experience,” said Eric Lee. “They really went above and beyond to help my vision, which has now become our vision, to life!”

Eric Lee — “Wasabi” (Visualizer)
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Eric Lee spent two and a half years as lead vocalist for the Latin Grammy-nominated Los Desperadoz, recording one album with his father, Lee Villarreal, and uncles guiding him on his musical journey, but it wasn’t quite the right fit for the San Antonio artist.

“I was happy with what we were doing but I wanted to explore my own creativity,” he said of the experience. “I don’t necessarily feel that their brand and what my brand is, they don’t necessarily mesh very well. I was a sore thumb on stage a lot and now with me being able to explore my creativity I think the world can kind of fall in love with who I am versus trying to force somebody to like me in a band that I don’t necessarily look like I belong in”

Eric Lee will release a new visualization every Tuesday via his YouTube channel, EricLeeTV. His solo debut EP, Toda La Noche, is available on all digital music platforms.

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