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Tejano Conjunto Festival celebrates 40th anniversary with live music, film festival + more in San Antonio on May 16-22

The first and longest running Conjunto music festival in the country returns with a week long schedule of events.

SAN ANTONIO, TX — The 40th anniversary of the Tejano Conjunto Festival will feature the very best in Conjunto music and dancing over five days at Rosedale Park in San Antonio, Texas. The Festival also includes a symposium about the history, development, and future of Conjunto music, and a film festival highlighting four decades of classic filmmaking about the music, the musicians, and the culture. There will also be a gathering of living Conjunto Music Hall of Fame musicians, as well as new inductions into the Conjunto Music Hall of Fame.


The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center announced the complete schedule for this year’s event taking place May 16-22, 2022. The Tejano Conjunto Festival is the first and longest-running Conjunto music festival in the country.

“We are so excited to celebrate forty years of inviting the top performance groups, both major and rising stars, from all over Texas, and have something for generations of families to enjoy,” said Cristina Ballí, Executive Director of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. “From our senior’s dance to Norteño night to our live weekend performances at Rosedale Park, forty years is an incredible testament to the community’s love for Conjunto music.”

Tickets for the 40th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2022 will be only $40 for a 4-day all-events weekend pass (Thursday-Sunday) at Rosedale Park. Daily tickets at Rosedale Park are $15 per person Thursday through Saturday, and only $10 on Sunday. Children 12 and under enter free at Rosedale Park.

The symposium and film festival at the historic Guadalupe Theater are free events. The Seniors Conjunto Dance is free of charge. The Conjunto Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dance, to be held at Rosedale Park on May 18, 2022, is a separately ticketed special event and will be sold for $40 each ticket or 2, per couple, for $70.

More information and tickets can be found at or call 210.271.3151.

Below is the complete schedule of activities and events for the 40th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival in San Antonio.

Monday, May 16, Guadalupe Theater 6-9:30pm (Free)

Symposium on the State and Future of Tejano Conjunto Music

A panel of experts, including musicians, academics, radio and media people, recording, and industry professionals discuss the state of Tejano Conjunto Music and what the future holds for this traditional genre. Includes special book signing with Little Joe!

Tuesday, May 17, Guadalupe Theater 12-10pm (Free)

Conjunto Music in Film & Video

  • 12-7pm  Screenings of classic films/videos and shorts on Tejano Conjunto Music
  • 7-9pm  A Discussion on the State and Future of Tejano Conjunto Music in Film/Video with filmmakers, DIY documentarians, and others

Wednesday, May 18, Rosedale Park 10am-12noon (Free for Seniors)

Free Seniors Conjunto Dance

Los Pinkys with Ysidro Samilpa and Susan Torres. Special presentation by Conjunto Music Hall of Fame accordionist Felipe Perez

Wednesday, May 18, Rosedale Park 6-10pm ($70/couple or $40/individual or $20 for show only)

Conjunto Music Hall of Fame Reunion/Induction Ceremony & Baile

  • 6-7pm Reception
  • 7-9pm  40th Conjunto Music Hall of Fame Reunion & Induction Ceremony
  • Special musical presentations by: The Jiménez Family Tradition
  • 9-10pm  Bene Medina y su Conjunto Águila w/ guests: Oscar Hernández/Eddie Lalo Torres/Rabbit Sanchez/ Edgar Vásquez, and more!

Thursday, May 19, Rosedale Park 6-11pm ($15 per person**)

Noche de Conjunto Norteño presented by Hohner

  • 6pm  Inevitable
  • 7pm Los Halcones del Valle
  • 8pm Conteño
  • 9pm  Las Fenix
  • 10pm  Los Cachorros de Juan Villarreal

Friday, May 20, Rosedale Park 5:45pm-12am ($15 per person**)

Lo Mejor de Tejas: Puro Conjunto Pesado

  • 4:45pm Opening Ceremonies
  • 5pm  Javier Solis y Los Unikoz
  • 6pm  Conjunto Kingz de Flavio Longoria (San Antonio)
  • 7pm  Los D Boys (Corpus Christi)
  • 8pm  Los Fantasmas del Valle (Mercedes)
  • 9pm  Rubén Vela Jr. y su Conjunto  (Santa Rosa)
  • 10pm  South Texas Homies
  • 11pm  Ricky Naranjo y Los Gamblers (Alice)

Saturday, May 21, Rosedale Park 12pm-12am ($15 per person**)

12pm Conjunto Student Showcase:

  • Los Fresnos High School Conjunto Halcón
  • Roma ISD Student Conjunto

Lo Mejor de Tejas: Puro Conjunto Pesado

  • 1:30pm  Brenda Martínez
  • 2:15 Cindy Ramos y su conjunto
  • 3:10pm  Conjunto Romo
  • 4pm  Alberto Soliz y Conjunto Los Leones (Laredo)
  • 5pm  Los Tremendos Alacranes (Corpus Christi)
  • 6pm Los Morales (Dallas)
  • 7pm Los Cucuys de Rodney Rodríguez (El Valle)
  • 8pm  Los Monarcas de Pete y Mario Díaz (Houston)
  • 9pm  Lázaro Pérez y su Conjunto (Bishop)
  • 10pm  Rubén De la Cruz y su Conjunto with Rubén Garza (Mercedes)
  • 11pm  Boni Mauricio y Los Máximos (Corpus Christi)

Sunday, May 22, Rosedale Park 1-10pm ($10**)

11am  Conjunto Student Showcase:

  • Conjunto Heritage Taller
  • Southside High School Conjunto Cardenales

Lo Mejor de San Antonio y Tejas

  • 12:30pm  Los Callejeros de San Anto (San Antonio)
  • 1:20pm  Mark Weber y Los Cuernos (San Antonio)
  • 2:10pm  Epi & Friends (El Valle)
  • 3:15pm  J.R. Ramos y Grupo Maldad
  • 4:15  Río Jordán (Austin)
  • 5:30pm  Linda Escobar y Su Conjunto (Corpus Christi)
  • 6:30pm  Los Texmaniacs w/ special guest Flaco Jiménez
  • 7:50: Hermanos Farias
  • 9pm  Jaime Deanda y Los Furiosos
  • 10pm  Jay Pérez

** 4-Day (Thursday-Sunday) Rosedale All-Events Pass $40 **

For tickets & info, 210.271.3151 or The Guadalupe Theater is located at 1301 Guadalupe St., and Rosedale Park is at 340 Dartmouth in San Antonio, Texas.

About the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center 

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center was founded in 1980 as a nonprofit, multi-disciplinary organization. Located in the heart of San Antonio’s westside, the Guadalupe is one of the largest community-based organizations in the US with the mission to cultivate, promote and preserve traditional and contemporary Chicano, Latino, and Native American arts and culture through multidisciplinary programming. For more information, visit

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