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Veteran Owned Coffee Company Taps Into Tejano Culture

Black Rifle Coffee Company to produce 'Hey Baby Que Paso' video for Tejano rapper ZEUS. El Mero Necio

Tejano rapper ZEUS. El Mero Necio teams with Black Rifle Coffee for 'Hey Baby Que Paso' music video.
ZEUS. El Mero Necio with cast and crew on the set of “Hey Baby Que Paso” video. | Courtesy photo

SAN ANTONIO — Tejano rapper ZEUS. El Mero Necio is teaming up with veteran-owned coffee company Black Rifle Coffee – an organization known for its viral internet content that includes music videos, documentaries, and sketch comedy – to produce his upcoming music video for his rendition of “Hey Baby, Que Paso,” the classic song of Texas Tornados.


Black Rifle, commonly known to feature military men and women in their online content, have spotted Latino talent, especially here in San Antonio, and engaged in a genuine friendship.

“We take pride in our brand, using humor and honoring those who serve and have served. Being here in San Antonio, you can’t deny the incredible talent this market has and the rich history they have here in Texas. The amazing content they are producing whether it be music, film, or Tik Toks, really inspires us and we want to work together. As soon as we saw one of Zeus’ music videos, we knew we had to reach out,” stated Jarred Taylor, Black Rifle co-founder.

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Zeus, an Air Force veteran himself, views what Black Rifle Coffee has done for veterans and was also impressed with what the brand was able to do from the ground up, utilizing creative content.

“When I met Jarred, we had so much in common. As an artist, I am always looking to create something unique and outside the box and Black Rifle is the perfect partner for this video. I am happy that a company has recognized and respects our Tex-Mex culture, and I’m looking forward to this collab,” said Zeus.

What started with a few drinks soon morphed into a formal collaboration when Black Rifle writer Jack Mandaville was assigned to the project. The script, which was recently finalized after four months, is a 12-page short film with Zeus’ music being the central element of the second act. It was the intention of Zeus, Taylor, and Mandaville to create a video akin to the long-format music videos of the ’80s and ’90s, e.g. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Casting for the project was a mix of using Black Rifle’s in-house influencers and actors, and Zeus’ local resources – sometimes by putting out public casting calls via his social media. The script, set in an anachronistic universe, follows Zeus as a coffee smuggler as he tries to navigate his way through a county where the local crime boss has a stranglehold on the coffee trade. Multiple gangs and a female henchman pursue him through the music portion of the film, culminating in a fight scene that takes an unexpected turn in the end.

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Notable actors and cameos include Chris Perez (husband of Selena Quintanilla-Perez), Augie Meyers, Caleb Francis, AJ Rivas (The Bean and Chisme Show), Heather Lynn, and members of Zeus’ band. The video is set to be released in late summer and begins principal photography on May 9th around seven locations from Bulverde to downtown San Antonio.

ZEUS. El Mero Necio & Heather Lynn (Courtesy photo)

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