Estrella Media Names Pepe Garza Head of Content Development and A&R for Music Division and Executive Producer for Digital Audio

Legendary Radio Programmer and Judge on EstrellaTV’s “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” Shifts to Music and Audio Content Role

Pepe Garza | Courtesy of Estrella Media

LOS ANGELES — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Estrella Media, a leading Spanish language multi-platform media content company, has tapped longtime radio programmer and television personality Pepe Garza to new roles as the Head of Content Development and A&R for the newly established music division Estrella Media Music Entertainment (EMME) and Executive Producer, Digital Audio for the company.


Garza will also continue in his role as a judge for the award-winning EstrellaTV series “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento,” as well as Executive Producer of Estrella Media’s tentpole Regional Mexican music awards show, “Premios de la Radio.” Garza previously served as the Program Director for Estrella Media’s flagship radio station, Que Buena Los Angeles.

In his new role, Garza will help lead EMME, the new music division of Estrella Media, where he will seek out new talent to sign to the label and publishing arm and help develop the next generation of Latin music stars. Garza will also be responsible for curating new original Digital Audio series for Estrella’s successful free streaming platforms and podcasts.

Garza previously helped develop and launch the fan-favorite digital site Pepe’s Office and many music-related series and projects for both TV, digital, and radio. In his new roles, he will curate and cultivate new music and programs that will resonate with the Estrella Media fanbase.

“Pepe has been a leading figure in the growth and support of Regional Mexican music and transformed the way fans view and connect with content digitally,” said Eddie Leon, EVP, Radio, Estrella Media. “With his expanded role, he will continue to identify unique and important artists and content that will connect with fans and the Estrella audience, including through the launch of EMME, our music division. It is exciting to have Pepe continue with the Estrella Media family and go give him this opportunity to transform and deepen our connection to music and culture.”

“I’m excited to help launch the EMME music division of Estrella and to help not only discover but build the careers of some of the most exciting artists in Latin music,” said Garza. “I love the entire digital space, and having the ability to develop content and strategy among multiple platforms is also an amazing opportunity. I’m very grateful to Estrella Media for giving me this opportunity.”

A songwriter, composer, and music publisher, Garza is regarded as a leading tastemaker in the world of Regional Mexican music. Called “The rainmaker of regional Mexican music,” by Billboard magazine, and “…one of the most influential figures in the Latin music industry,” by the Los Angeles Times. He is the former program director of Estrella’s KBUE Que Buena Los Angeles radio station, a judge on the award-winning EstrellaTV series Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento, and the Executive Producer of the company’s Premios de la Radio awards show, which celebrates the achievements of the Regional Mexican music industry. He is a founder of Arpa Music, a music publishing company with a catalog that includes compositions by Joss Favela, Luciano Luna, Horacio Palencia, and Espinoza Paz. He is an award-winning songwriter and music composer, having been honored by ASCAP and BMI with songwriter awards, including Song of the Year by ASCAP for the “Coyote Theme” for the band Oro Norteño. He has had his songs performed by Juan Rivera, Graciela Beltrán, Banda Limón, La Costeña, and many more.

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