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RYM’s ‘Estilo Ranchero’ returns for Season 2 with a new set, co-host

The music and entertainment program will debut with Season 2 on April 28, 2022.

LOS ANGELES, CA — (RYM) — As Estilo Ranchero prepares for its big Season 2 premiere on April 28, 2022, on ROKU, major changes have been made.


RYM (Reventon Y Mas) announced the cast of this show will include returning host Griselda Solorzano with a new talent arriving on the scene, Karla Ávila.

In addition to the new crew, executive producer Vanessa Khan and producer Cyron Clemons showcase a new set that will be the new backdrop for the Los Angeles-based show including the addition of a new stage set up for your favorite Regional Mexican artists to perform exclusively to RYM.

Features that will remain on the show include the original premise of showcasing music videos from artists in this explosive music genre.

Khan, who also serves as RYM CEO, commented, “This is the first of many new upgrades coming to RYM as our new studios are up and running after months of construction and preparation. I am very excited to work with this new team and show what we can do to our international audience.”

Meet The Hosts

Griselda Solorzano

From Jalisco, Mexico, Griselda Solorzano has always had a true love for everything in the world of Regional Mexican music. Host of RYM’s Estilo Ranchero, Solorzano (in her short time with RYM) has become one of the network’s most recognized personalities internationally. She has always had the talent to create a relationship with anyone she meets.

Karla Avila

With the perfect balance of brains, talent, and passion, Estilo Ranchero host Karla Yadira Ávila has shown why she is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Her knowledge and passion for her work on the show, as well as other projects, is why she continues to grow a huge following. Her love for this genre doesn’t stop with RYM, as she is striving to be an artist in her own light and studying music production.

Regional Mexican artists looking for your music to reach an international audience? Submit Your Video Now! To appear on the show in the Los Angeles studio, email

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