Yoanna Divaluna vacations in the Mexican Caribbean reflecting on success of debut album

To celebrate her birthday and recharge her batteries, the Tejano singer enjoys days under the sun in Cancun.

Yoanna Divaluna recharges under the rays of the sun and sails through the Mexican Caribbean | Courtesy photo

Cancun, Mexico — Tejano newcomer Yoanna Divaluna is full of enthusiasm and good vibes this spring, and the singer from Monterrey, Mexico is currently enjoying a few days off with her family on the beautiful beaches of Cancun.


The performer, who burst onto the Tejano music scene in 2020 with the release of her debut album DIVALUNA, produced by GRAMMY winner Manuel Herrera, also takes advantage of these days with her family to reflect on the meaning of the word success and the concept behind it and around her, which today allows her to perceive herself as a woman who has been blessed with success.

With the humility and simplicity that characterizes her, Yoanna Divaluna is convinced that, although fans have supported her by streaming her songs on digital platforms and attending her concerts where she has performed her hits “Por Tus Celos,” “La Gata Bajo la Lluvia,” or “Lo Que Yo Tengo,” is also very clear that professional success is best enjoyed in the company of your loved ones, family, and wonderful behind-the-scenes team.

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Knowing that they are all well and that they are happy to see the most important woman in their lives fulfilled, makes the Tejano singer very happy, who is currently promoting her most recent single “A Que No Le Cuentas”. For Yoanna Divaluna, being happy is synonymous with success, and knowing that her support system enjoys her triumph on stage, in addition to the affection and love that her fans dedicate to her are two compelling reasons she considers herself successful.

After concluding her vacation, the Female Entertainer of the Year nominee at Premios Tejano Mundial 2022 will return to Monterrey to continue selecting songs from songwriters for her sophomore album.

“A Que No Le Cuentas” is available on all digital platforms.

Yoanna Martinez (Divaluna) — “A Que No Le Cuentas”
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