Yoanna Divaluna celebrates birthday in big fashion including impromptu performance with Evy Y Grupo Mextizo

The singer enjoyed a memorable night filled with Tejano music in the company of her closest friends.

Yoanna Divaluna with Evy Y Grupo Mextizo | Courtesy photo

Santiago, Nuevo León, Mexico — Tejano singer Yoanna Divaluna will celebrate another year of life on April 11, this weekend she commemorated at a venue in Santiago, Nuevo León as the celebration served as an exclusive event for family, friends, and guests for a private musical show.


A stage was set up where Evy Y Grupo Mextizo was waiting for her, which was a pleasant surprise for guests because nobody expected that the singer of hits like “Por Tus Celos” would delight them with her great talent during the evening. 

Looking beautiful, wearing a fitted black outfit that did not prevent her from singing, dancing, and walking the dance floor for several hours, Yoanna Divaluna left her guests speechless both for her spectacular presence, as well as for her speedy recovery from the equestrian accident she suffered earlier this year.

Yoanna Divauna (AKA Yoanna Martínez) | Courtesy photo

During the night, Yoanna Divaluna alternated on stage with close friend Evy as they both superbly performed the hits of Tejano stars such as “A Quien Merezca Mi Amor”, “Amigos”, “Quién Crees Que Soy” by Alma Pulido; “Si Una Vez”, ”Fotos y Recuerdos”, “Ya Ves”, “Cobarde,” “Las Cadenas,” and “Como La Flor” by Selena; “Escápate”, “Todavía”, “La Luna Será La Luna” and “Te He Prometido” by Elsa García.

After almost two hours of continuous live music and with the spirits on the part of their guests, the first performance of the group was concluded, a moment that Yoanna took advantage to offer dinner to her guests, who were mostly from the close circle of the singer.

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After a break of almost an hour in which the delicious dinner was enjoyed and batteries were recharged, Evy Y Grupo Mextizo returned to the stage to continue the night with a second performance, making Yoanna join the group again to celebrate her party by doing what she enjoys most in life: singing.

After several performances, Yoanna received her birthday cake on stage, visibly moved. The attendees quickly began to chant the traditional mañanitas performed by Mextizo to a Tejano rhythm, which caused even greater emotion with the beautiful Yoanna. Without being able to hide the feeling, the singer stated that her husband and children encourage her to give her best as a woman and as an artist as they support her in fulfilling her dream of being one of the most renowned singers of Tejano.

Yoanna Divaluna commented during the festivities that she is in the process of selecting songs that will make up her next album, the follow-up to her debut album Divaluna released in 2020. In addition, the Female Entertainer of the Year nominee at Premios Tejano Mundial 2022 shared that she is considering different proposals to perform on stages in Mexico and the United States, as she is delighted with the idea of ​​soon interacting with her fans in massive rodeos and dances while adhering to health safety protocols because ultimately, Yoanna Divaluna takes care of both herself and her fans.

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