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Shelly Lares releases special song from ‘LMD82’ album written by her parents

"Porque Tu Eres Mi Carino" is a song written by Fred and Irene Lares.

Shelly Lares announced the final song released from her last Tejano album, LMD82, a very special song written by her parents just in time for Valentine’s Day.


“Little Miss TNT” posted audio of the song along with a message that shared details on the love song titled “Porque Tu Eres Mi Cariño” (Because You Are My Darling).

“Releasing a very special song from my final CD, LMD82, that was written by my parents,” she said in a social media post. “I re-recorded it to honor them and show my love and gratitude for all the hard work and support they dedicated to my career SINCE DAY 1! My mom continues to be the foundation of my life and my daddy’s spirit lives on thru me.”

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Fred Lares, who passed awary in 2016, was instrumental in the success of his daughter’s career from the beginning, helping her garner many hits, awards and much more throughout the years. Irene Lares continues to support her daughter, even as she winds down her Tejano music career this year.

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Shelly Lares, who last year announced she was retiring from music at the end of 2022 to concentrate on a career in nursing, is currently in the studio working on projects with other artists and recording a Christian album, according to a recent social media post.

“My ultimate thank you to God for blessing me,” she wrote. “Especially for allowing me to do music for almost 40 years. I am honored to Glorify His name thru music.”

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