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Ruben Garza unites with Ruben De La Cruz y Su Conjunto for a new era of Conjunto music

The legendary Conjunto musicians join forces to create one of the powerhouse groups in the industry.

Photo courtesy of Ruben De La Cruz

Starting a new era in Conjunto music together, Ruben De La Cruz, accordion Powerhouse Y Su Conjunto, and the legendary bajista Ruben Garza unite as one, coming together after the sudden exit of longtime (Ruben De La Cruz Y Su Conjunto) bajista member Frank Hernandez.


The latest big buzz on social media is the uniting of Ruben De La Cruz Y Su Conjunto and bringing in legendary bajista (original member of Los Dos Gilbertos) Ruben Garza. For almost three decades, Ruben De La Cruz Y Su Conjunto has been churning out some of the best Conjunto music around. Ruben DLC, known for playing Ruben Vela’s music to the letter without trouble, made a statement on his social media page and for this interview that his longtime bajista and co-singer for over 20 years, Frank “Panchito” Hernandez has left the band for personal reasons.

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Wasting no time to find a replacement this veteran musician Ruben De La Cruz didn’t have to look far, as a matter of fact, he did not have to look at all because the legendary well-known Ruben Garza would phone him and present an opportunity he could not pass up.  

Ruben Garza, bajista, singer, and original member of Los Dos Gilbertos, who at the time had his own band, Los2Gs with Hector Gonzalez. Gonzalez, who is recovering from a COVID-19 hospitalization and slowly gaining his strength back, decided to dedicate his recovery to God and only play Gospel music, which left Garza on his own.

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“It just happened, it literally just happened with Hector being sick and recovering, Garza tells Tejano Nation. “You need a bajo player, I’m now available,” he asked De La Cruz.  

What a combination this will be for Conjunto and music fans alike. This is why the buzz was all over social media. Combining Ruben DLC, Ruben Vela’s prodigy, playing exactly on point like the late great Ruben Vela and the amazing bajista and singer Ruben Garza, who actually played alongside Ruben Vela years prior and also being one of the original members of Los Dos Gilbertos, this is a combination like no other.

The band will continue as Ruben De La Cruz Y Su Conjunto featuring Ruben Garza for now says DLC. Garza had suggested Ruben y Ruben be their new name which was immediately rejected in a meeting between the musicians.

“I have worked too hard to make my name for the past 30 years, there’s no way it’s ever going to be an option to change it,” says De La Cruz.  

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Excitement and anticipation are building for the band members, Ruben De La Cruz, (accordion/voz) Ruben Garza, (bajista/voz), Felix Aleman (bass), David De La Cruz Jr. (Drums), and Mike Vallejo (MC/Drums/Sound), as they all prepare to record their first album together.

“We are going old school traditional Conjunto”, says De La Cruz.  

Supportive to her husband of 30 years, Maribel De La Cruz says she is extremely proud of her husband and all his accomplishments over the years.

“Not being home, always on the road, bringing his music to fans all over that’s what a musician does,” she said. “Memories are made daily within our family, and our children understood that not being home sometimes was part of the job.”

A wife/manager/mother, Maribel stresses that with their faith in God, she and her family will continue to support her husband’s musical journey and never take that from him as they all move forward into this new and exciting phase of music.  

Ruben De La Cruz Y Su Conjunto has 17 albums of their own released as of now, with Ruben DLC also recording on other albums with the likes of Ruben Vela, Elida Reyna, Don Gilberto Perez, and many more.

The wait should be worth it as these two greats, Ruben DLC Y Su Conjunto and Ruben Garz, “the perfect duo” as some are calling it, roll forward full steam ahead.

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