Hard work, persistence, and originality propel Da Krazy Pimpz to over 14 years of award-winning history

Eddie Jimenez shares the history of the versatile Eagle Pass-based group and what sets them apart from others.

Eddie Jimenez | Photo: Mariaelena Villarreal / Tejano Nation

A music career spanning over 20 years, Eddie Jimenez has demonstrated that starting from the ground up, hard work, persistence and most of all originality can set you apart from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Da Krazy Pimpz, just recently named 2021 Tejano Music Awards Conjunto Album of the Year for their 14th and newest album, A La Pista A Bailar, released under his very own music label Bordertown Records, as well as Cumbia Band of The Year by the Guadalupe Awards.


Jimenez recalls starting his band 14 years ago. At just 27 years old, Eddie founded his band Da Krazy Pimpz and recalls struggling to get gigs, equipment, and starting from completely nothing.

I had a chance to sit and talk with Eddie and ask him more about himself, his band, his new album, and the newly released video “Sera Mejor”.

Jimenez, born and raised in Eagle Pass, Texas, started learning how to play the accordion at just 12 years old, his father Hector Jimenez taught him and he began touring on the road at age 17 once he graduated from high school. In his “Pimp” attire, a glitzy sequined jacket, slick sunglasses, black hat, and sharp shoes, Eddie prides himself on having a band that he can say he started from scratch with absolutely nothing in his hands and building something that is versatile, original, and different from all the rest. Eddie is most proud of the fact that he has reached this level of success professionally and respectfully.

The band was founded on Feb 3, 2007. Eddie recalls having many ideas and goals of how he would make this project a success. Writing many of his own original songs, singing primera voz, playing accordion, as well as saxophone, he has made his Krazy Pimpz shine where others fell short.  

Current members include Eddie Jimenez – 1st Vocals, accordion, and saxophone, James Jimenez  2nd vocals and bass; Sonny Galindo – Drums; and Diego Lopez – Bajo Sexto.

Describing his band style as a “Conjunto Cumbiero,” Eddie explains that they are versatile in that they can do, Conjunto with the accordion and switch to cumbias with the saxophone giving the fans the best possible show.

Courtesy of Bordertown Records

A La Pista A Bailar is available on all digital platforms. Already a hit among fans as well as award-winning, this album is something very rare in our industry. It is a completely original album, with a total of 10 songs, 7 of which were written by Eddie himself and three other originals written by other composers. 

“This album as always was inspired by our fans who come to dance, drink, and throw gritos,” said Eddie. “We continue to write and do danceable beats for all of our fans.”

Da Krazy Pimpz has also released their official music video “Sera Mejor” off this album in May 2021. Produced by Eddie Jimenez and Johnny Davila, this video was shot on location in Eagle Pass at Fort Duncan Ruins. The song was written by Ernesto Rodriguez from Monterrey, NL, and its style is described as Norteño light because of the ranchera beat and romantic melody. Surpassing 40k views, “Sera Mejor” can be seen on the group’s official Facebook group page and on YouTube.

Da Krazy Pimpz — “Sera Mejor”
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Excited as to what the future holds for these Pimpz, we the fans wait for our next dose of pimped-out music and a full dance floor. Performing all over the United States, Mexico, and just recently Washington, Las Vegas, and Idaho, Da Krazy Pimpz are working on their 15th album and it will be an all live recording with several guest singers which will surely be a hit.

Eddie and Da Krazy Pimpz would like to thank all their loyal fans, supporters, radio, and promoters for their continued support and love. 

For all things “Pimp” you can follow Da Krazy Pimpz on all social media sites under their official group name on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as well as get the latest on tours, events, and merchandise on their official website, 

A big thank you to Eddie Jimenez for his time and as always for all things Tejano remember to follow Tejano Nation!

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