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Jennifer Peña receives second marriage proposal from husband Obie Bermudez after ‘Asi Se Baila’ performance

At the end of their performance, Bermudez asked Peña, his wife of 14 years, to marry him again.

Obier Bermudez and Jennifer Pena | Photo: Telemundo / Juan Felipe Rangel

Jennifer Peña and her husband Obie Bermudez continue to do well on the Telemundo dance competition show Asi Se Baila and the couple had viewers and judges in tears after their most recent performance this week when Bermudez asked Peña to marry him again.


The couple was married 14 years ago and has five children together but Bermudez felt he didn’t do it the right way with his original marriage proposal.

“I always wanted to go back to that moment somehow. I was just waiting for that special moment,” Bermudez said in a video posted by the Houston Chronicle. “It just so happened that 14 years went by, and what better moment to do it than on national TV in front of everyone? I tried my very best. I said exactly what I wanted to say.”

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The moment happened after the couple’s dance performance to “A Pedir Su Mano” (“To Ask For Her Hand”) by Juan Luis Guerra, Bermudez posed on one knee pulled out a ring, and shared a heartfelt message to his wife and asked to marry him again as Peña and judges burst into tears.

Peña and Bermudez are one of six remaining pairs on the dance competition show. Asi Se Baila airs every Sunday on Telemundo at 8PM/7C.

The talented couple is made up of two internationally recognized artists who went on to successful singing careers before joining in marriage. Peña has received numerous awards for her musical successes and has sold millions of albums internationally. In 2007, she married Bermúdez, a singer and songwriter known for his Latin pop and salsa style, which earned him a Latin Grammy for Best Male Vocal Album in 2005.

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2 comments on “Jennifer Peña receives second marriage proposal from husband Obie Bermudez after ‘Asi Se Baila’ performance

  1. gradyhernandez5052

    Pretty girls mostly wind up with.homely guys


  2. Seriously guys, their story line is old already. Glad she found success and is trying to get back into the entertainment business but please focus on the true goals.


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