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J.R. Gomez announces lineup for concerts to benefit families of fatal crash

J.R. Gomez will headline two concerts that will benefit the victims of a fatal car crash on June 13.

J.R. Gomez will headline two concerts that will benefit victims of fatal car crash. | Photo: @losconjuntobandits

The artist lineup has been announced for two concerts scheduled for July to benefit the families of victims in the fatal head-on collision with Tejano singer Javier Galvan near Winters, Texas on June 13.


J.R. Gomez, a close friend of the family, shared the roster of singers and bands that will perform on Thursday, July 1 in San Antonio and Friday, July 9 in Lubbock.

Confirmed artists for the benefit in San Antonio at Desperados 2.0, 6844 Ingram Road, include Gomez, Jay Perez, Ram Herrera, Art Tigerina, Jaime DeAnda, Crystal Torres, Tina Mares, Ruben Ramos, Tony Guerrero, Chente Barrera, LaDezz with house band led by Mario Ortiz. La Calma and Texas Latino will also perform.

The lineup for the benefit in Lubbock at Club Pink, 510 N. University Ave, features Gomez, Tristan Ramos, Monica Saldivar, Savannah Votion, Jordan Rodriguez Band, The Homeboyz, David Lee Rodriquez, Bobby G and The Galaxy Band, and a monster jam session with West Texas musicians at end of the show.

All proceeds will benefit the families of Marisa Ramos, 20, Cissy Ramos, 46, and 7-year-old Adalynn Muniz, who died in the crash. Siblings, Keelie Ramos, 12, and Kolbie Ramos, 9, were critically injured and are recovering in the hospital.

GoFundMe page has been set up for the families of the victims.

More details on the benefit concerts will be released soon.

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  1. vincecarr

    Mr. Medina my name is Vicente Carranza from Corpus Christi and am 81 years old. I started with our Music in the 1950’s and later with Domingo Pena. I am not a liberal or a conservative. I am a truest for a believe only the truths will make things better. Mr. Medina first I love this much needed webside of our music. But I have a question. What kind of COMMENDS do you allow? Please do not say any kind of comments. Base on true facts Tejano music—La Unda Tejana—before the year 2000 is very much alive and will always live for all new generations to come. Tejano music AFTER the year 2000 is dead. 90% of so called Tejano singers after the year 2000 do not know how to sing. They sing one song that sound good but that is it. Also 90% of all SOUND TECHNICIANS need to get another job or go to school to get better. Maybe wash their ears. Now with my comments you can answer my question what kind of comments will you except. Gracias and God bless and have a great Sat. Tlamatini-vicente carranza



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