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Johnny Arreola of Los Palominos releases second Christian album ‘Nomás Un Camino Hay’

The Grammy winner released his highly-anticipated second Christian album on April 9.

Courtesy Freddie Records

Johnny Arreola is a multiple Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY winning musician as part of Los Palominos over the past 25 years recording many hit songs and albums. Like other musicians, the pandemic put touring on hold and that gave Arreola time to record his second Christian album with Freddie Records that was released on April 9.


Nomás Un Camino Hay contains 14 songs including the unforgettable “Puedo Imaginarme,” a cover of the 2001 hit song from Christian rock group MercyMe.

Arreola shared in an interview with the Bumper Gomez Wacky Wednesday Podcast that he was called upon to record his latest album. “I’m telling you the Holy Spirit is taking me other places right now,” he said. “Palominos, we haven’t worked since March 2020 but Lord knows when they’re going to come back. I know God’s calling me to do this.”

“There’s already some places we’re going to go visit and take my music and take my testimony and go and try to score him some lives. Get some people to come to the Lord,” he added. “People that need it during this time that we’re going through. You know we’re going through some rough times right now. Right now we’re living history in the making, a hundred years from now it’s going to go in the history book, you know.”

The title track is the latest single released from the highly-anticipated second Christian album from Arreola, he released Gracias in 2017.

The album, Nomás Un Camino Hay, is available at all digital music platforms.

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