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Collaborations, stellar production earn Savannah Votion industry accolades

The former American Idol contestant has emerged into one of the rising stars in Tejano music.

A native from San Antonio, Texas, a bombshell, tall, doe eyes, strong octave voice, Savannah Votion can outdo almost any genre of music thrown at her. Savannah’s popularity is huge especially being a former American Idol contestant. Miss Votion is dynamic, full of sexy stage presence, her voice is strong and powerful, she has performed all over the world, and I have the honor of talking with Miss Votion, and this is what she has for you!


Music brings people together and it brought Savannah and Rick Fuentes together. His father, Richard Fuentes, was a musician in the original Brown Express Band, who tragically passed away in 1983. Savannah tells Tejano Nation that she and Fuentes cried together and gave each other strength during the shooting of the official music video for their duet “Cuando Se Fue.”

“Cuando Se Fue” — Savannah Votion & Rick Fuentes
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The singer added she misses her late mother, but she knows that her mother is proud of her success and proud of the collaboration. The song is heartfelt and relates to all that has lost a loved one, that was one of the first moments Savannah’s inviting new life is playing into action, says the Diva Tejana. It wasn’t just a collaboration, it was destiny.

Savannah Votion becomes a crazed woman in the official music video for the crossover single, “Loca Peligrosa” featuring Gabriel Zavala, and now at this time, Savannah found the friendship and production team she needs to move forward. She finds strength in her work and talent as she becomes a butterfly.

The visual for “Loca Peligrosa” won Video of the Year at the 39th annual Tejano Music Awards in 2019. I have to say that this is a great highlight of her life and legacy, she is definitely on fire!

“Loca Peligrosa” — Savannah V featuring Zavala
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As Zavala produces for Savannah, their collaborations are full of blessings on both sides of the spectrum. They became really good friends, including his superstar wife Stefani Montiel, as they all work fantastically together. It’s like a dream come true, Savannah tells Tejano Nation.

Savannah has always done her homework. Her vocal scales and powerful soul captivates you from the beginning to the end of each performance. Savannah Votion can sing here toots off, one of my favorite female Tejano artists of all time. The Latin fusion track with elements of Reggaetón and Cumbia was produced by Angel Cano and Acmed Tuesta.  It features all of Savannah’s huge versatile skills and awesome production of Cano and Tuesta with the impeccable energy and vocals of Zavala.

The official music video for “Vive” features appearances from the daughters of both singers. There is no love like a mother’s love for her daughter and with this song, Stefani Montiel and Savannah Votion express their love for their daughters. “We had the time of our lives recording this video,” said Savannah. “It’s been an amazing journey.”

“This has been one of the most amazing experiences,” added Montiel.

“Vive” Savannah V featuring Stefani Montiel
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I personally think when any musicians work and collaborate together, share skills, show any kind of showmanship, we grow, we overachieve, we conquer, we win! I have truly seen Savannah work in the Tejano Industry over the past 15 years, from being a former American Idol contestant and performing at Market Square. Savannah Votion has always been humble and accustomed to serving her community, singing the national anthem, donating, or volunteering her services for a cause.

As you can see, she has a heart of gold. Savannah’s love for the microphone also grew into working for one of the newest and most valued Tejano radio stations in San Antonio with Lopez Broadcasting owned KLMO K-Alamo 98.9 FM, every Tuesday from 6p.m. to 8p.m.

For more information on Savannah Votion visit her official website at

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