Glow Wellness Tour for Latinas and Women of Color Goes Virtual in January 2021

The leading health and wellness event tailored to Latinas and Women Of Color returns on Jan. 9, 2021

MIAMI, FL — (LATINXNEWSWIRE) – Bridging the gap between wellness and minorities, Glow Wellness Tour, the leading health and wellness event focused on Latinas and Women of Color from diverse backgrounds, is returning for the second installment of its virtual event on Jan. 9, 2021.


A Health & Wellness Virtual Event for Women of Color

The 8-hour interactive digital experience will be a celebration of sisterhood in a community of like-minded women from all over the world. Glow Wellness Tour will consist of LIVE panels with wellness experts leading workshops, workouts, meditations, visual boarding, journaling, cooking demos, COVID safety, motivation, and inspiration on how to stay healthy while working from home. The goal is to move attendees to become a better version of themselves and kickstart 2021 on an empowered note.

“In most wellness spaces the messaging and the voices that are being amplified are not inclusive of WOC or minorities; I didn’t see anybody that I could identify with, that looked like myself. That’s why I created Glow Wellness Tour, to fill a major gap for Latinas and Women Of Color in the wellness space, so I’m so happy to be able to bring useful and engaging information to our communities,” said Candy Calderon, holistic health and wellness coach, and creator of The Glow Wellness Tour. “It’s important for me that the content addresses the unique needs of other women like me and that we address the specific issues affecting our culture, regardless if you’re African American, if you’re Latina, if you’re Asian because that’s the only way we can create change.”

During these difficult times, while everyone is trying to adapt to life during a pandemic, it is very important to hold space for these conversations, to educate and to motivate our communities, while in the safety of their homes.

“We are excited to be sponsoring the 2021 Glow Wellness Tour. At Siete, we are passionate about making delicious better-for-you food that brings people together to celebrate our Mexican-American flavors and traditions, while sharing a commitment to health and wellness,” said Veronica Garza, Co-Founder & President.

Sponsors and Sponsorship Information

Glow Wellness Tour is sponsored by Siete Foods, Logitech, Clorox, and Now Foods.

“We’re thrilled to be an ongoing sponsor at Glow Wellness Tour, the premiere platform and catalyst for building a more inclusive wellness community,” said Alana Horinko, PR Manager at NOW®. “As a family-owned company, NOW understands that while we all have different wellness goals, everyone should have an equal opportunity to improve their health via access to high-quality products at affordable prices.”

The event will be donate 10% of the profits across organizations supporting health & food equity, fighting against systemic racism, oppression, and injustice in our community.⁠

Supporters and community allies can pledge to sponsor/cover ticket costs for Women of Color with scarce financial resources, and fairly compensate the BIPOC wellness experts that collaborate with us. You can do so here

About the Glow Wellness Tour

Launched in 2018, The Glow Wellness Tour ( was created by health & wellness entrepreneur, and certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach Candy Calderon. After attending HUNDREDS of wellness events that didn’t speak to the health and wellness challenges that Women of Color, immigrants, and ‘minorities’ faced, she decided to change the narrative. The Glow Wellness Tour is an energy-charged event that caters to the unique experiences and needs of Latinas, Women of Color, and any other woman that identifies with our culture, reality, and specific needs.


Follow the Glow Wellness Tour on Instagram @glowwellnesstour, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube Candy Calderon.

GLOW WELLNES TOUR 2019, Philadelphia, Pa.

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