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Elida Reyna announces Tequilera cosmetics collection

The two-time Latin Grammy winner launches a new collection to add to her successful cosmetics line.

Tejano superstar Elida Reyna has used her time off from touring during the pandemic to expand her successful Colores cosmetic collection. The two-time Latin Grammy winner announced her Tequilera collection on Nov. 30.


In 2019, Reyna launched her Colores collection with a set of three lipsticks named after titles of her hit songs, “Duele,” “Luna Llena,” and “Adicta,” which quickly sold out.

“It sold out within the first three weeks,” Reyna tells Tejano Nation. “That really gave me the confidence to just full-fledged go out and make an entire collection of makeup. I’m going to be releasing my brand new Tequilera collection under my Colores makeup.”

The idea for the Tequilera brand name came from Reyna’s hit song “Duele,” according to the singer. “It was through that song that I was able to connect with women,” she said. “I’m hoping that women will connect just the same with my makeup line. I put my heart, sweat, and tears into this collection.”

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The Tequilera collection contains a 16 color eye shadow palette, a 24 brush set, eyelashes, eyeliner, lip liners, an entirely new line of lipsticks, and much more. The whole collection is available for now at

“I’m really, really excited about it. Happy with the way it came out,” added Reyna. “I can’t wait to showcase it to the world.”

The singer is also working on a new album with an expected released in early 2021.

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