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AJ Castillo celebrates the holidays with ‘An Accordion Christmas’ EP

The high-energy cumbia star adds his squeezebox skills to your holiday playlist.

High-energy Cumbia star AJ Castillo adds his squeezebox skills to your holiday playlist with the release of his An Accordion Christmas EP via his G-Music record label.


“I’m excited about it,” Castillo tells Tejano Nation. “Please, for my diehard fans you gotta check it out. It’s something completely different on the softer side.”

The EP consists of six tracks including classic holiday songs like “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” “O Holy Night,” and “This Christmas” featuring Grammy Award-winning jazz superstar Norman Brown.

“It can take you from the Starbucks feel to gospel church to smooth jazz,” Castillo added. “I have some Tejano rancheras on there with live orchestra strings. You know to show how versatile we are as Tejanos and we’re not just one-trick pony, we do different things too. I love different types of music and it’s great to be out there to explore and record different stuff.”

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Castillo released a couple of Christmas singles over the past few years and he was motivated by a special person to release a full album this year.

“My mom convinced me,” he said. “My mom loves Christmas music. A lot of Tejano families, Chicano families, Mexicano families, will get together to during the holidays. My mom always has music going and that’s always the vibe to start the party. Whatever we have we always have music going, so my mom convinced me, ‘You need to make some Christmas songs,’ so I finally listened to her and I did it.”

An Accordion Christmas from AJ Castillo is available at your favorite digital music platform and a great addition to your holiday playlist.

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