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Savannah V heats up the dancefloor with ‘Brujería’

The modern Tejano Cumbia fused with Reggaetón is the latest single from the Tejano Music Award winner.

Savannah V. dropped her latest single, “Brujería,” a modern Tejano Cumbia fused with Reggaetón that will heat up the dancefloor.


The concept, idea, and melody of “Brujería” came from Savannah herself. “It came to me in an actual dream,” she tells Tejano Nation. “I knew I had heard it before, it was an old song. I woke up, I wrote the song down.”

The track was co-written by Savannah V, Acmed Tuesta, and producer Gabriel Zavala, who produced the song and performed the music with a blazing guitar solo from EZ Cin, guitar virtuoso from the Stefani Montiel band.

Even though the single was released just days before Halloween, it can be for any time of the year. “It is a Halloween song but the thing is it’s so cultural,” said Savannah. “In the Catholic religion it’s a big thing, it’s our culture.”

“Any woman or man could look at you with their eyes and just give you that ojo (evil eye),” she added. “Whoever it is, or whatever, I came out with this song.”

“Brujería” also features background vocals from Savannah’s daughter 13-year-old daughter Shelby, who starred with her mother in the music video for “Vive,” the hit collaboration with Stefani Montiel.

Savannah V is currently working on a full album with an expected release date for early 2021.

Savannah V. — “Brujería”
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