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Erika Renée drops ‘La Número Seis’ from upcoming debut album

The singer fused her musical influences for the third single from her upcoming debut album.

The beautiful Tejano newcomer Erika Renée was born in the magnificent Chihuahua, México but grew up in California, Arizona, and the great state of Texas. It was here she discovered a passion that brought her close to the dynamic melodies of Mexican music such as Banda, Cumbias, Norteño, and Mariachi. 


After graduating from the prestigious University of Texas-San Antonio, her aspirations were encouraged towards a musical career. She began recording vocals with Adrian Vazquez in San Antonio, who is part of Audiophile Media Group. Various producers taught her much about her vocal abilities. Surprisingly they were open to some of her creative and new ideas.

“Producer Adrian Vazquez taught me the importance of dynamics in music, and Eric Avalos pushes me to sing in higher keys,” Erika Renée tells Tejano Nation

She also gives credit to her team, which contributes to her rising success. “I give a lot of credit to my vocal coach Alisa Claridy. She taught me a lot about myself and my abilities,” she said. “Ilyssa Saenz is a great artist and my best friend. She coaches me and pushes me to my limits.”

What also helped her stay true to her roots was when she attended the Tejano Music Awards, a memorable experience and surreal moment getting to see what it was like to be surrounded by so many talented artists and musicians that were of the same culture. It was then that she knew she could envision herself on stage performing with the gift she had within her all along. This moment is what continues to impact her and keep her focused in the right direction.

Recently, the singer, songwriter, and independent artist of her label ErikaRodRecords has been busy working dedicatedly in the studio on her upcoming debut album expected for release in January 2021. She also just released her third single, “La Número Seis.”

“La Número Seis” starts with Erika’s rhythmical and assertive vocals and tells the story of disappointment and heartbreak in a relationship.    

The woman begins to have suspicions about her lover from what she’s heard from others. The woman finally realizes her worth and is fed up with the lies and mind games. It is a song that encourages women to be independent and intolerant to any infidelity. It is also a bold statement for women to stand up and be unafraid to speak their minds and truths. 

“This song is meant to be a female-empowering song,” Erika Renée said. “A voice and motivation for the many women who are afraid to speak out or leave their current dating & relationship situation.”

“Most songs are about a man cheating on a female with one single woman,” she added. “I thought I would add a little more drama to it by increasing the number of women to seis!”

Erika Renée — “La Número Seis”
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Erika Renée is an artist not afraid of diversity and has proven to take her music to the next level by showcasing another exceptional song. 

It is amazing to see Erika Renée has taken a new twist in her music style and diverse song choices and still manages to reach new listeners throughout various Tejano online radio stations worldwide.

“I am very excited about my debut album,” she said. “I feel that I can be as creative as I want by writing my own lyrics! Once the album is released I am hoping to reach different audiences, as well, and give them a glimpse of the history of my musical culture through my music.”

For fans, continue following her and expect to see more of her. She may just surprise you with more of her astounding vocals and incredible talent!

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