Despite back injury, Siggno’s Jesse Turner performs at Nuevo Laredo show

The Siggno frontman performed despite suffering an injured back.

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The show must go on and despite suffering an injured back, Siggno frontman Jesse Turner performed at the group’s show in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico on Saturday, Dec. 28.


A video posted on Siggno’s YouTube channel shows Turner receiving an injection to help with back pain. The singer and musician can also be seen performing with the help of a chair later in the video. Musician Lalo Morales was asked to fill-in on the accordion when Turner was not able to play for Siggno’s performance in the border town.

Former Siggno member David Rosas filled in for current percussionist Jorge Torres who missed the Nuevo Laredo show due to a family commitment.

Turner gave full details via social media sharing the YouTube video on Dec. 30. “Our last performance of the year,” he said on Facebook. “We had to cancel Aguascalientes, Dr said plz cancel Nuevo Laredo, but I didn’t. Jorge had an absence of leave so my old friend David Rosas helped us out, I couldn’t play the accordion so my other friend Lalo Morales came to help out. Crazy weekend. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.”

“I was honestly in pain when I went up to sing in Nuevo Laredo but I already have my appointments for a specialist,” Turner said in another Facebook post with a video of him painfully walking to his home from his car. “Good thing I’m already on vacation!”

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