Shelly Lares says new album ‘Obra De Amor’ brought her ‘to another level’

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Shelly Lares | Photo: Tommy Gunz

Shelly Lares has been a part of the Tejano music scene for over 36 years and the Hall of Famer says her new album Obra De Amor has raised her to another level.

“Now this one, I was like I had to step up my game for the fans,” Lares told Tejano Gold Radio. “Not to compete with anybody else, I knew there was more of me that I hadn’t shown them yet in all of these years.”

Obra De Amor is the first album released by Lares since the passing of her father Fred Lares and took over three years to complete.

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“I really hit the studio hard,” she said. “I produced an arranged the music and this CD has really brought me to another level.”

This album is the third album released on her own Shellshock Records 3 label and follow-up to De Mi Corazón, a Latin Grammy-nominated album for Best Tejano Album in 2014.

The sexy cover art for Obra De Amor, which featured more sexy photos inside the album, showcased new confidence for the star.

“I’ve always been very conservative, but it wasn’t to do it because ‘Oh she’s trying to get all show and sexy,'” she said about the cover art. “I just wanted people to feel my confidence level. I wanted them to know I’m in a different headspace now as a woman, as a human and then as an artist. That comes through and if you convey that to people then you’ll be surprised and how much they feed off of that, especially the women.”

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The album features many hit singles including “Ayer” featuring J.R. Gomez, “Devuélveme El Corazón”, “Trato Y Trato”, “Mi Moreno” and “Es Por Tu Luz”.

“Tejano music and fans deserve the best, so why not give to them,” she said.

“Little Miss Dynamite” also spoke about the origins of her nickname, her start in Tejano music and much more.

Obra De Amor is available at ShellyLares.Online and all digital music platforms.

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Shelly Lares interview with Tejano Gold Radio

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