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Jay Perez and wife help San Antonio woman in need of air-conditioning unit

Jay and Roxane Perez with Lucy Garcia | WOAI Photo

Tejano superstar Jay Perez and his wife Roxane helped a San Antonio woman that has been without home air conditioning throughout these hot summer months.

The couple decided to help someone in need after Roxane watched a news story on WOAI-TV about an elderly lady that was also in need.  That lady had already been helped by an other good samaritan, so Jay and Roxane reached out to find another in need of help, Lucy Garcia.

Jay and Roxane surprised the 75-year-old former Santa Rosa Hospital worker with a new air conditioner window unit at her home on Wednesday.

“One window unit goes a long way,” Roxane told Tejano Nation. “Especially for somebody 70, 80, 90 years old, who has medical needs. It makes a huge difference in their day.”

Jay jumped at the chance to help someone in need.

“We just decided to do something good and for the grace of God we were able to reach out to this lady and make a difference,” Jay told Tejano Nation. “Do something nice for somebody we don’t know and that was the whole concept, that was the whole idea.”

Jay and Roxane believe others in the Tejano industry will also step up to help out.

“We wanted to challenge his brothers and sisters in this business to step up and do the same thing,” said Roxane. “If we can find the time and funds to help somebody, then we know a lot of other people can too.”

Read more at News4SanAntonio.com.


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