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Magali Delarosa drops ‘Mira Lo Que Has Hecho’ official music video

Magali Delarosa released the official music video for her new single, "Mira Lo Que Has Hecho," on Tuesday.

YouTube / Magali Delarosa

Magali Delarosa released the official music video for “Mira Lo Que Has Hecho,” her debut single with new record label Zurdo Records, on Tuesday.

The visual, directed by Michael Salgado Jr, features the talented singer and actress in a relationship that is having trouble between the couple.

“Mira Lo Que Has Hecho” was a team effort according to Magali, “Carlos Delarosa, my dad, wrote the song and my producers in the Valley as well, and then we fused with Zurdo Records to make it come to life.”

Magali signed with Zurdo Records, owned by two-time Latin Grammy winner Michael Salgado, in May 2018.

“It is such a great feeling to have achieved such a goal to be able to bring my music to a greater audience by working with an artist like Michael Salgado and become part of the success of Zurdo Records,” she said.

The Pharr, Texas native released her debut album, Esta Vez, in December 2015 and her sophomore album, Amor Borato, in September 2017. She is expected to release her new album later this year.

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Magali is also a fashion designer and with her own fashion line, RagzByMagz. Get to know more about Delarosa at her official website MagaliDelarosa.com.

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WATCH: “Mira Lo Que Has Hecho” — Magali Delarosa

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