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Stevie D releases ‘Ahora Sigo Yo,’ first single with VMB Music Group

Stevie D released his new single, “Ahora Sigo Yo,” on Friday, his first single with new record label VMB Music Group.

The song was written by award-winning songwriter Beto Ramon and Stevie D gave details on the making of the song during an interview with Tejano Nation radio affiliate KXTN on Thursday.

Stevie D mentioned the initial phone conversation with Ramon about the song, telling the songwriter, “I need some help, I’ve got this title of a song in my head and I think you’re the guy for it.”

The title was “Ahora Sigo Yo.” Ramon asked for the storyline for the song, which Stevie D gave to him and Ramon said he’d call him back soon.

“Forty-five minutes (later) he sends me a video of him playing it on guitar,” said Stevie D. “When I heard the recording it was exactly as I envisioned…It was like two worlds just met like that, it was perfect.”

Stevie D, who was a former backup vocalist for Joe Lopez Y La Nueva Imagen, has had much success over the past year after his return to music. His debut solo album De Repente, released in October 2017, was a critical success and garnered him a win as Best New Male Artist at the 2018 Tejano Music Awards.

“Ahora Sigo Yo” is available now at all digital music platforms.

LISTEN: “Ahora Sigo Yo” — Stevie D

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