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Kids portray Elida Y Avante for ‘Inquebrantable’ music video

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Elida Y Avante released the official music video for their latest single, “Inquebrantable,” on Friday.

The track is the second single released from EYA’s latest album Colores and was co-written by Juan Trevino and Lalo Reyna III.

“This is my favorite song on the album,” Elida Reyna told Tejano Nation radio affiliate KSAB-FM in a recent interview. “The lyrics, la letras es muy bonita. Basically, the girl, obviously their love is unbreakable, but, she dreamed him into life. What a beautiful story. It’s a fun, peppy kind of song  and it’s a love story.”

The visual for “Inquebrantable” features young actors portraying a young band called “Amante” performing the song on stage, while EYA do the same in the dressing room.

The video includes an appearance by Layla Reyna, the young daughter of Elida and Lalo Reyna, portraying her father on the drums, according to Elida.

“We all used (a) mini-me,” she said. “There’s a little girl interpreting my part and Layla’s on this video because she’s the spitting the image of Lalo, in case you haven’t seen. She’s a little star, she has her own little fanbase believe it or not. People are always requesting her and asking when she’s going to make her own YouTube channel, which she just started…we have all these little actors and they did an amazing job.”

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WATCH: “Inquebrantable” — Elida Y Avante

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