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Surveillance video show suspects in $150K equipment theft from Jaime Y Los Chamacos

Jaime Y Los Chamacos are asking for help to identify suspects involved in the theft of their tour van, trailer and $150,000 worth of instruments and equipment in Houston, Texas on October 28.

The surveillance video, shared by JYLC drummer Ruben Mendoza and provided by S&S Investigations and Security, Inc., shows multiple suspects in dark colored vehicles. The suspects are seen driving the van to a location near the building that houses the surveillance camera, while one vehicle is leading and a truck following behind the white stolen van and trailer. The truck appears to be a mid-2000s Chevrolet Silverado crew cab with four doors. A suspect driving the truck parks close to the camera and gets out to place an item in the backseat from the truck bed.

JYLC gave details via social media about the theft on Sunday that happened at the Luby’s restaurant parking lot in east Houston on IH-10 where the band had stopped for lunch.

Houston police are also reviewing surveillance camera video in the area in an attempt to identify the suspects. The van and trailer were found on Tuesday near the area where they were reported stolen from and the musical instruments and equipment had been taken, according to Hispanic News Network.

A $1000 reward has been offered by JYLC for any information that helps locate the stolen equipment.

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